The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Philosophy and ethics club vice president, Josh Heimlich, intensely reflects in front of a presentation regarding philosophy of economics.

Philosophy and ethics club: where thoughtful conversations and complex arguments meet

By Jack Gans, Social Media Manager December 17, 2022

Morals tested and debates brewed: the WCHS Philosophy and Ethics club is booming with large turnouts this year. As one enters room 234, debate is in motion as the question of the meeting is displayed on...

Dwayne The Rock Johnson promotes his first acting role in a superhero movie on Instagram with a captivating cover of the hero.

“Black Adam” comes across as an afterthought in fast paced Marvel world

By Jack Gans, Social Media Manager November 15, 2022

“Black Adam” dropped in theaters on Oct. 21, 2022, with the potential to be the comeback film DC Comics needed. Making around $71 million in the first week, it fell short of “The Batman” which...

The car of a WCHS student is parked legally in front of power lines. The power line field is a trek for students from school.

Regency neighborhood permits should be available for WCHS parking

By Jack Gans, Social Media Manager October 15, 2022

Parking has been an issue for many years at WCHS, especially when winter comes around. Although a lack of spots is certainly an issue, the winter becomes a factor when students are parked so far away from...

College Board posts tips for setting goals and managing time which is imperative when deciding your AP load when scheduling each year.

Student’s guide to AP course selection

By Jack Gans, Social Media Manager June 9, 2022

Hey, how many AP's should I take this year? This question has circulated throughout WCHS each school year. Many students struggle with their schedule and never know how difficult they want it to be. Here...

The world famous pepperoni pizza with the perfect crust-to-sauce-to-cheese ration. Dont forget the pepperoni!

Fire up your spring with a slice from Frank Pepe’s

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor May 8, 2022

A new pizza place has come down all the way from Connecticut to take its rightful spot as the #1 pizza in Maryland.   Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana has just opened in our very own Westfield Montgomery...

The house from the Pixar film Up floats away from the city on a new journey, but in a different direction.

What comes “Up” must come “Down”

By Jack Gans, Observer-murmurer April 7, 2022

Up, Up and away soars a house above the skyline on the brink of a legendary adventure. In 2009, the adventure film “Up” was a popular hit for Disney fans, receiving a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. 13 years...

The main argument for both sides of the opinion on doors or wheels is cars.  They are made up of four wheels and doors that cancel eachother out which brings in new topics such as motorcycles and hinge wheels.

More wheels or doors? Tik tok debates fire up social media

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor March 20, 2022

BUZZ. BUZZ. BUZZ.  Your phone vibrates as your friend sends yet another controversial topic to instigate the group chat into battle.  In past years social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram,...

The poster released by Marvel, sets the scene while introducing the emotions and characters wrapped into the film.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” spins itself a box office success

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor January 28, 2022

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” dropped in theaters on Dec. 17, 2021, and almost made history as the highest grossing movie on opening weekend. Making $1.3 billion, it fell short of “Avengers: Endgame”...

A screenshot of Andy Jiangs TikTok account with about three and a half million followers. Jiang was only a senior at WCHS when his rise in fame started.

Where is the famous TikToker, Andy Jiang, now?

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor December 1, 2021

In April 2020, former WCHS student Andy Jiang’s TikTok career kicked off.  Jiang started TikTok when his friend, Jeff Yee, bet him that he could not get 1,000 followers in two weeks. He took on the...

Superman floats in the air after saving the day near the Daily Planet where his lover Lois Lane works. Superman now has two sons and lives happily in Metropolis where he fights crime and keeps the city safe.

“Superman & Lois” takes another look into the life of Clark Kent and his family

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager May 3, 2021

The CW network produces some of the best live-action superhero shows ever created, and they recently came out with a new masterpiece: “Superman & Lois.” There have been many mixed reviews on the...

Micheal Demske grips his Ps4 controller in his home when he realizes that he is procrastinating. Micheals resolution is to stop procrastinating so he has made schedules to keep him on task.

Turn your New Year’s resolutions into a reality with these helpful tips

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager January 31, 2021

Every year families go around the dinner table telling each other their resolutions for the new year, yet many of these resolutions go down the drain before they are followed through. Some common resolutions...

Dillian Georges mental health has gone down the drain because she misses school sports and doesnt have motivation to do her school work.  She procrastinates in school and wants to have that social interaction that she had on school and the relationships with her teachers.

COVID-19 takes a toll on student mental health

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager November 29, 2020

Since the start of the school year, students around the country have been participating in online school which has affected their mental health in many ways for the better or worse. In some cases, the...

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