Administrator hit$ the jackpot with mega million win


WCHS office worker, Mrs. Robinson, flexes a taste of the amount of money she won from the mega millions lottery through immense luck.

By Jack Gans, Probably Used ChatGPT For This

Teachers have been spreading the rumors, and The Observer investigative team has officially discovered it to be true. Mrs. Robinson, one of the school’s office workers, has won the Mega Millions lottery, acquiring 731.1 million dollars, with 49 million going to Maryland state taxes. 

“I went to buy a lottery ticket one afternoon for fun with zero intent on winning,” Robinson said. “After I read off the matching winning numbers, I refused to believe it and didn’t go to cash the ticket in for weeks. I remember thinking about how much winning the lottery could change my life, and now I will experience it.”

While many people would quit their job immediately, Robinson hopes to continue her work until the end of the year before she searches for a new passion. She has always been a people person and wants to stay that way with whatever path she takes as she moves on from her high school desk job. 

“The plan is to move to Oregon,” Robinson said. “It has always been a dream of mine to live in a mountain house ready to embrace the outdoors and views this earth holds. But since I love talking to new people, I would like to live near a cute town where I can open up a business to run for fun. Baking has been something I picked up the past few years in my free time and could be a nice way to give back to whatever community I join.”

Despite winning hundreds of millions, Robinson does not plan to forget about her WCHS folks, and would like to pass out her baked goods every year on graduation day from now on to commemorate the student’s hard work and dedication. 

“Mrs. Robinson is always so helpful and has the best heart which makes her so deserving of winning the lottery,” WCHS junior Sonia Jenkins said. “The school is going to miss her lots but we’re excited for her to move on to the next chapter of her life and indulge in the luckiness that was brought upon her.”

Robinson is also deciding where she would like to donate some of her winnings. She hopes to leave a lasting impact on the world as she now has the opportunity to do so. Some students are pushing for her to donate towards funding WCHS’s journalism programs such as the yearbook, The Observer, and the literary magazine. 

“Mrs. Robinson is not the type of person to blow her money on random items,” Jenkins said. “She is a giver and will provide for others like the lottery provided for her. I definitely think she should buy a fun car though and treat herself to a vacation.”

People always wonder if money buys happiness, and we will soon find out over the next few years, as one of our very own school office workers is the testee for it. Robinson sure is one happy and lucky soul. WCHS wishes her the absolute best of luck continuing forward, not that she needs any more.