Athlete of the month: Chelsea Calkins


To start the second half, senior captain Chelsea Calkins pulls up for a jumper against Gaithersburg High School. This was her first game of the season and they had a large lead in the first half.

By Jack Gans

Basketball is not just about scoring points. It is also about everything else one does to help their team win through leadership, communication and of course blocks, assists, steals. Senior Chelsea Calkins, captain of the WCHS Girls Basketball team, communicates with her teammates and picks them up when down, while helping them and herself improve.

Calkins has been on the Girls Basketball team since freshman year. When she first started high school basketball she was not very confident. But over the years, she has become a well crafted leader, motivator and hard worker on the team. Her stats also display her as a very well rounded player as she has averaged 14.4 points, 6.5 rebounds, 5 assists, 4.6 steals, and 0.3 blocks per game so far this season.

“I have worked hard to be self assured while taking more shots, and have learned that when I miss a couple, to just keep taking them,” Calkins said. 

This season, Calkins hopes to improve on driving to the basket and not worry about getting blocked so she can either score, get fouled or dish it out to a teammate. The great balance of skilled guards and forwards has been pivotal for them this year as they have the elements of height, strength and skill to be an unstoppable team.

“I am most proud of my rebounding stat because guards my size do not usually get as many rebounds as I do,” Calkins said. “I get the ball over taller and bigger girls than me which ultimately helps us push the ball up the floor and get breakaway layups.”

The large success from the WCHS Girls Basketball team indicates that Calkins has had a talented group with her.

“There are four of us who have played together since we were very young (Allison, Miranda, and Dillan).  We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and are able to compliment each other well,” Calkins said. “Without them, we would not be where we are today.”

Chelsea and her teammates have gained chemistry over the years and build each other’s confidence and attitudes in the sport.

“Chelsea is a very supportive teammate and friend,” WCHS Girls Basketball Captain Dillan George said. “Her positive attitude is infectious and we all love having her on the team!”

Calkins has been versatile, leading the league in all aspects of the game and stats. The most noble stats being assists and rebounding, one expected and the other not expected being point guard.

“She has stood out by being a leader and consistently being the best in all categories of stats, especially rebounding and assists,” WCHS Girls Basketball Coach Peter McMahon said. “I have seen her improve her floor game, shooting off the dribble and being a leader for the team. I hope to see her cutting nets and holding the trophy as she continues to lead towards the team’s goals.”

Calkins is excited for the rest of the season, as their overall record is 9-1 and they continue to stay determined to win and dominate their conference.

“I hope the team continues to perform well and win this year,” Calkins said. “Our hard work in and out of practice will translate to my team’s success.”