What comes “Up” must come “Down”


Image by Amir-Abbas Yazdi.

The house from the Pixar film “Up” floats away from the city on a new journey, but in a different “direction”.

By Jack Gans, Observer-murmurer

Up, Up and away soars a house above the skyline on the brink of a legendary adventure. In 2009, the adventure film “Up” was a popular hit for Disney fans, receiving a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. 13 years since release yet Disney fans still crave more.

On March 4, 2022 a teaser dropped on YouTube after there had been leaks on Twitter of the poster for the Disney sequel “Down.”

The YouTube video displayed popping balloons as the house from “Up” descended down the falls where the majority of the original movie took place. At the end of the video the faint voice of Carl (Ed Asner) saying “I’m close” becomes apparent.

The leaks have officially been confirmed and a trailer is meant to drop on April 2, 2022.  

“Yes, believe it or not the rumors are true; A sequel to Up will be releasing early spring and the movie will blow your mind all the way to the gates of the underworld,” Disney CEO Bob Chapek said.

Many rumors have speculated over Chapek’s comment about the underworld, concerning the plot of this shocking surprise of a sequel.  Some believe that Carl has found a way to travel to the underworld utilizing the paradise falls cliff, to once again see his wife Ellie Fredrickson (Elizabeth Doctor).

“From the beginning of the creation “Up,” I knew the masterpiece would have a special place in my heart,” Walt Disney said. “I am exhilarated to relight a sparkle in my heart when the sequel “Down” releases.”

Movie fanatics and critics assume theaters will be filled up quickly as this has potential to be the greatest movie released in Disney and Pixar history.  Tickets are being sold on ebay for thousands of dollars.

As the original film “Up” had a more sad approach for a disney movie, this is going to be a comeback story for Carl. Many fans are hoping to see Russel’s (Jordan Nagai) return, as well as another iconic blimp appearance.  

“Up” ended with Russel and Carl eating ice cream and many wonder if the sequel will end at that exact point or take place in the future. Details are minimal as Disney has been incredibly secretive during the last three years of “Down” production. We do know that there’s a chance the movie will be rated R due to a death scene and blood content. 

The first information on the film “Down” shocked the world as the plot for a nostalgic masterpiece will continue the success and story of the original film.