The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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On March 17th, 2023, numerous WCHS sophomores fell victim to the dangerously cold temperatures in the English hallway. Some fell unconscious while simply trying to get to class.

Gym saunas raise temps

By Brianna Frank, Double Bass Extrordinaire June 8, 2023

For weeks, the temperature in WCHS classrooms has widely fluctuated, and the answer to why is finally here. After years of planning and thousands of dollars, WCHS’s athletic department has allowed saunas...

WCHS students begin adjusting to solving mathematical problems with Roman numerals as the school implements RNT.

What is II+II? Roman numerals replace numbers

By Leah Kreisler, Is it pronouced Leah or Leah June 6, 2023

Clocks have them, the Olympics have them, even the Super Bowl has them. Understanding Roman numerals is an important part of modern-day life and yet many people don’t know how to read them. The WCHS...

WCHS will begin to administer online hall passes during fourth quarter. This is what teachers will see when a student requests a pass from them.

Online passes put an end to bathroom breaks

By George Chang, Hates Cheese June 6, 2023

Survey the hallways at any given moment—between classes, during classes—and the sight will stay the same: crowds of students, furiously typing away on their phones or chatting up a storm with their...

One of the new slot machines at WCHS is now ready for students to play.

Try your luck in the slots

By Graeme Finley, Oscar Nominated Producer June 6, 2023

Lately, WCHS students have been complaining about an insatiable craving for something. However, this craving is not what many may think. Rather than going to their favorite vending machine to pick up a...

This school year WCHS has implemented a Rage Room in the counseling office for students to get their school-related frustrations out.

Get ready to let your anger out at WCHS’ new rage room

By Jordan Pashkoff, Editor-in-Cheif June 6, 2023

From providing new resources to implementing a Bridge To Wellness program, WCHS has done a lot for mental health. Now, they are going one step further. With the new installation of a rage room, WCHS is...

The SAS made signs for their protests against the schools English Departments announcement of a required AP Shakesphere class.

“Who is man that is not angry?” says new SAS club

By Isabella Ngwana, Internal Communications Managers June 2, 2023

“Romeo, Where Art Thou Romeo?” is a phrase WCHS students have heard throughout their academic careers. Wiliam Shakespeare has been pushed down the throats of WCHS students, and the students have finally...

Papa Louie reunites with former employee, WCHS senior Alberto Scoop, afer his Cooking-media course presentation at WCHS on March 28.

Beloved chef Papa Louie aims to run new WCHS class

By Kalena Yee, Arts Editor June 2, 2023

Freezeria. Cupcakeria. Taco Mia. These all too familiar words bring up childhood memories for WCHS students. These memories will be brought to life as Papa Louie has come to teach his first introductory...

WCHS senior Brendan Carnathan turns in his third grade math homework to his elementary school teacher and receives full credit for it after the new MCPS policy.

Improve your old grades

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor June 2, 2023

Following the grueling pandemic, MCPS school work has only become harder and stricter. With tight deadlines, huge workloads and no retakes or curves, many students have found themselves struggling. At...

With the removal of the 50% Rule, many students are now failing their classes, receiving low scores on tests and assignments.

Death of the 50% rule

By Caroline Harless, Doesn't Know What to Put Here June 2, 2023

The “50% Rule” is something that all students undeniably benefit from. The rule prevents students from receiving a grade lower than 50% on all assignments, quizzes and tests, functioning as a safety...

Students protested math homework and tests in a staged walkout this past March, with the slogan Stop the Math!

“Stop the Math!” Students shut down Math Dept.

By Ha-Yeon Jeon, Features Editor June 2, 2023

It had been brewing for years, but this year’s annual WCHS Pi Day celebration was the final straw. Even as Mu Alpha Theta, the WCHS mathematics honor society, sought to cultivate a school environment...

WCHS junior Julia Levi affectionately pets her cat, Samba, as she does her schoolwork. She feels much less stressed now.

WCHS initiates new wellness protocol: bring your pets

By Clara Young, The Other News Editor May 20, 2023

Stress about schoolwork. Stress about college applications. Stress about time management. Stress about social life. WCHS students, along with other high schoolers, know the feeling of stress all too well....

Located in the WCHS courtyard, the new playground is complete with a trampoline, jungle gym, several slides and a parkour obstacle course.

Recess returns at WCHS

By Julia Levi, Pro Lefty-ist May 20, 2023

Are you missing your childhood? Feeling nostalgic? Wishing you could feel like a kid again? Lucky for you, this might just be possible. After months of endless requests submitted to the main office, WCHS...

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