The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

WCHS students navigate the new hallways as they walk down the lanes and follow the traffic light system.

AP comparative accent: turning speech into spaghetti

By Leah Kreisler, Sports Editor April 23, 2024

What separates the east coast from the midwest? Besides the geographic location, the difference in weather or the political climate, it is the way people pronounce words such as “crayon”, “caramel”...

A WCHS senior is taken by surprise when he is chosen randomly to take a lie detector test on April 1, 2024. His identity is kept anonymous for his own safety.

Seniors sweat over pre-graduation lie dectector test

By Amir-Abbas Yazdi, "Artisti" April 23, 2024

Hold onto your caps and gowns seniors, because WCHS is about to turn the dial on graduation stress. The administration is putting seniors through lie-detector tests to confirm that everyone has truthfully...

The parking lots have turned to mayhem as anyone at WCHS is able to park wherever causing major traffic jams.

WCHS revs up open parkig as the lot becomes a free-for-all

By Cailey Harrington, Stars in Every Observer Commercial April 23, 2024

On Tuesday March 12, 2024, WCHS announced that a new open parking policy would be enacted starting on April 1, 2024. This new parking policy makes parking available for everybody, including students and...

WCHS Junior Claire Moylan Starring madly in love with her new friend

Pet rock rocks campus

By Nataly Behnia, Shop-a-holic April 23, 2024

A pet is commonly defined as “a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure,”but not all pets have to be animals. Former WCHS Observer Online EIC Rachel Mattison has proved just that....

WCHS senior Julia Levi is used as a test subject for the implanted trackers. An electric shock was sent through her body after she had been in the hallway for over fifteen minutes.

Don’t pee your pants!

By Clara Young, Suspiciously Way Too Nice April 23, 2024

On March 24, 2024, the MCPS Board of Education (BOE) passed a bill that trades bathroom passes for trackers. This is the first step in the BOE’s four-step plan, “Implementation of a Fulfilling Future...

At Bulldog Fest, WCHS students can have fun by participating in many activities with their friends and celebrate their Bulldog Pride!

Unleash the fun! BulldogFest barks up WCHS spirit

By Isabella Ngwana, Chief Officer of Yapville April 23, 2024

Attention WCHS students! WCHS will be hosting its first annual BulldogFest to celebrate students’ hard work and perseverance during the school year. The festival will be held at WCHS over three days...

WCHS Blast members practice choreography and vocals in preparation for the outdoor shows this April. Formations for the numbers are based around the animal features.

The stage roars to life as Blast goes beast-mode

By Ananya Pandit, Part-time Editor, Full-time Traveler April 23, 2024

With elaborate stage design, captivating vocals and thoroughly planned costumes, Blast is a revered WCHS tradition that attracts thousands of attendees every year. The Blast performances are centered around...

WCHS student uses binoculars in the hallway to see what classroom her new boy obsession is.

Say hello to empty stomachs but full brains

By Tafa Nukator, Lebron Enthusiast April 16, 2024

It is no secret that WCHS is characterized by its competitive academic culture, with many students aiming to take as many high-level courses as possible. While summer courses are an option, a limited number...

In preparation for the school-wide change in writing requirements, WCHS teachers have been practicing writing emoji-only articles to test how students will perform on these assessments.

Did you get a rose, thumbs up, salsa lady or kicking boot?

By Cecilia Bernstein, Napped Through NYC April 16, 2024

Every generation has its trends and slang. For Baby Boomers, it is their strong work ethic. For Millenials, it is their Buzzfeed quizzes. However, for Generation Z, it is their excessive use of emojis....

WCHS freshman Blake Blakely works with her pro-Taylor group create posters supporting their cause and bashing The Observer.

Observer Outrage! Taylor brings the gavel down

By Lily Chadwick, Chipotle's #1 Supporter April 16, 2024

First Spotify, then Scooter Braun, and now WCHS. Taylor Swift is suing the "Churchill Observer'' over a negative album review written in 2018. The whole debacle began after an anonymous Wootton student...

WCHS sophomore Catherine Ward smiles after receiving a $20 bill for acing her math test. The new MCPS Learn to Earn program awards students with monetary incentive for academic excellence.

Make it rain! Students earn cash for grades

By Bella Donato, Dancing Queen April 16, 2024

A delicious meal, a fun time with friends and now it is time to pay. You take out your wallet just to be hit with a five-dollar bill and some loose coins. A wave of stress rushes through your body as everybody...

Teacher of the Month ChatGPT proudly displays their logo across every inch of their classroom covering every possible surface


By ChatGPT, Side job is Headline Manager April 16, 2024

Move over traditional teachers! WCHS is proud to announce that its Teacher of the Month for April 2024 is none other than the infamous ChatGPT. This marks the first time an artificial intelligence has...

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