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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Adrianne Lenkers third solo record, Bright Future, is an alt-country masterpiece that deals with complicated thoughts on love, loss, and looking to the future.

Adrianne Lenker’s “Bright Future” allows for listeners to reflect for personal growth

By George Chang, Features Editor April 23, 2024

For the past 8 years, Adrianne Lenker, the frontwoman of the Brooklyn-based band Big Thief, has been at the forefront of the indie music scene. Her characteristically whimsical lyricism, combined with...

Sabrina carpenter released her new Christmas EP titled Fruitcake including popular hit, A Nonsense Christmas and five new tracks.

Sabrina Carpenter serves up a holiday treat with “Fruitcake” EP

By Cailey Harrington, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager December 3, 2023

As we approach Thanksgiving, more and more singers are releasing new Christmas music to get ready for the holiday season. The nostalgic feeling of Christmas mixed with Sabrina Carpenter’s classic pop...

On Nov. 2, 2023, The Beatles released Now and Then, a song that has been dubbed the last Beatles song, bringing their history to a close nearly 55 years after they split.

The Beatles’ final encore gives listeners a final song after 55 years in the shadows

By Leah Kreisler, Sports Editor November 17, 2023

One of the most famous rock bands of all time has officially come to a close. On Nov. 2, 2023 The Beatles released “Now and Then,” a single that has been dubbed as “the last Beatles song,” officially...

On October 27, 2023, Taylor Swift released a re-record of her most popular album 1989. The album was received extremely well and sold over 1.6 million units in its debut week.

“1989” never goes out of style

By Claire Moylan, Assistant Features Editor and Photo Manager November 10, 2023

Arguably her most successful album, Taylor Swift's fifth record “1989” was a synth-pop album and spent 11 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200, was certified platinum nine times, sold over 10 million...

Boygenius new EP, titled the rest was released on October 13, 2023, eight months after their successful album the record.

Boygenius’ new EP “rests” well with listeners

By Ananya Pandit, Arts Editor November 10, 2023

Haunting lyrics and symphonic melodies. Reverberating choruses and eerie harmonies. On their newest four-track EP, “the rest,” released on Oct. 13th, Boygenius supersedes genre and structure, continuing...

Complete with 12 songs, pop star Olivia Rodrigo released her highly anticipated second album, “Guts,” on Sep. 8, 2023.

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album is gut-wrenchingly good

By Julia Levi, Observations Editor October 18, 2023

Over nine billion Spotify streams. Three Grammys. One full year in the Billboard 200’s top 10. After the 2021 release of her unparalleled, award-winning debut album “Sour,” pop star Olivia Rodrigo...

FedEx field is one of the many concert venues in the DC area that will be hosting popular artists this summer.

Concerts keep the DMV rocking!

By Tafa Nukator, Assistant Opinions Editor June 9, 2023

With school nearing an end, WCHS students can look forward to ditching the books and finding some fun ways to unwind. Concerts are a great way to get out of the house and enjoy music with friends. The...

“One Wayne G” the new album by Mac DeMarco is breaking records as many regard it as the longest studio album ever released.

Mac DeMarco confuses the media by releasing his 199 song album, “One Wayne G”

By Liam Klein, Opinions Editor May 8, 2023

How long is the typical album, maybe 10 or 15 songs? How about 199 songs? Not nine, or 19 songs but in fact 199 songs. The album titled “One Wayne G” was released on April 21st by Mac DeMarco. It has...

With Spotify Wrapped, users can see many intriguing facts about how they listen to music. One statistic is the number of minutes one spends listening with Spotify, with WCHS senior Konner Lee garnering at least 38,000 minutes, the equivalent of 26 full days.

Students are wrapped up in their 2022 Spotify Wrapped

By Jeremy Chung, News Editor March 30, 2023

From walking through the hallways, studying, or secretly plugging in earbuds in class, music plays an integral part in WCHS students’ lives. With that, one streaming platform comes to mind for all: Apple...

The HOPE Concert features many student musicians as well as professionals. At their performances, they play a wide range of instruments. Shown above, is Melody Chen playing the Guzheng which is a Chinese plucked zither at the Nov. 12 concert.

The HOPE concert spreads hope through music

By Jordan Pashkoff, Editor-in-Chief March 30, 2023

The DMV area is no stranger to impressive teenage activists and leaders who take it upon themselves to create change and spread awareness for important global issues. The HOPE Concert (THC), a nonprofit...

Black Cat, a concert venue in Washington D.C., opened on September 1993 as a means to discover and support local bands and rising stars in the indie scene.

Upcoming concerts to keep an eye (and ear) out for

By George Chang, Arts Editor March 11, 2023

Imagine the warm spring breeze as you plan the perfect path to the front of the venue, the fluorescent lights bathing the audience in soft reds and blues, the coy grin before the artist sings the first...

Skyzoo was born in New York City and always wanted to be an artist. Although it never completely panned out, he has made a nice career out of ghostwriting for other artists.

“The Mind of a Saint” is a story within an album

By Michael Demske, Sports Editor February 23, 2023

“The Mind Of A Saint,” by Skyzoo and The Other Guys is never going to appear on the Billboard Top 100 Hits or win an award for best album. This album is special though and should be further recognized...

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