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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Students spend countless hours per week scrolling on TikTok to fill their time and as a distraction.

Popular social media app “TikTok” allows for WCHS students to let time tick away

By Ananya Pandit, Arts Editor February 16, 2024

Cold, dreary, February skies and the unrelenting rigor of schoolwork plague many WCHS students around this time of year. With standardized tests and college decisions causing a sense of impending doom...

Argylle was one of the most anticipated movies this year according to IDMb. While it has not managed to live up to the hype, that does not make it a bad movie.

“Argylle,” the film the cat or cast just couldn’t save

By Dehab Deglel, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager February 16, 2024

“Argylle” is the peak of dumb action movie fun. A movie about a woman who writes spy novels that turn out to be true? It’s a fascinating and entertaining twist on a usually straightforward action...

Golda Meir, a movie starring the first and only female Prime MInister of Israel during the Yom Kippur War, premiered on August 25th.

Medzini opens up about his golden past working with Golda Meir

By Olga Engler, Assistant Copy Editor and Photo Manager February 16, 2024

“Golda has a saying,” former Press Secretary of Israel for Golda Meir during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Moren Medzini, said. “One day, the archives will open, and people will know what happened.” Golda...

Making students schedules is one of WCHS counslers main jobs and takes countless hours out of their schedule.

When counselors change schedules for the next semester, those should be the final changes

By Lily Chadwick, Assistant Sports Editor and Photo Manager February 16, 2024

“What is your schedule? Who is your math teacher? What period do you have English class?” Minutes after schedules come out, students bombard each other with countless questions, compare schedules and...

The Grammys are an award show at which many well known artists are recognised for their acheivments over the past year.

66th Grammys awards gave fans surprising wins and announcements

By Cailey Harrington, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager February 16, 2024

The Grammys are an award show presented by the Recording Academy of the United States. The Grammys recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry within the year. The 66th award show took place...

Target is just one store that offers countless different types of Valentines Day chocolate. WCHS students have many options when looking for the perfect gift.

Best Valentine’s day chocolates to show your valentine love!

By Rebecca Dean, Assistant Arts Editor February 5, 2024

As many people scramble to find Valentine’s Day gifts for their loved ones, they often turn to a timeless and trusted gift: chocolate. But the sheer amount of chocolate to choose from can become overwhelming....

Though fatalities in car accidents are rare, accidents are prevalent enough to still cause millions of accident-related deaths every year.

As long as the self-driving system doesn’t crash, cars won’t crash either

By Maximus Wang, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager February 1, 2024

To enter Garrett County is to enter melancholy and dismay. On January 9, a car crash near Exit 4 of Interstate 68 forced authorities to close down the highway in the town of Friendsville, creating significant...

Do not be fooled by their soft pastel hues. These cups are made of steel on the inside, and they can endure many more challenges than a typical water bottle.

Why the Stanley tumblers are worth tumbling over for

By Catherine Chan, Assistant Online Editor February 1, 2024

Waking up early for school is never easy, WCHS students often find themselves rushing out the door at the very last minute. But if there is one thing WCHS students will not forget, it is their 40 oz—vibrantly...

The WCHS Bocce team celebrates their victory at the state championship on February 15, 2023.

WCHS’ new bocce team brings great success and experiences

By Tafa Nukator, Assistant Opinions Editor January 23, 2024

The WCHS Bocce team rejoiced after their December 13 victory against BCC. Immediately after the game, they celebrated their 2023 state title, mounting their banner on the wall of the gym. Bocce is a...

WCHS senior Matt Hsuan watches the new Percy Jackson show. As a lover of the original series, he is disappointed.

New Percy Jackson live-action series proves itself to be disappointing

By Clara Young, Copy Editor January 23, 2024

Some childhood books shape young children into who they are today. Series that stick with them for the rest of their lives. A series a person read when they were eight years old can still hold a special...

WCHS senior Sabrina Chou poses with a fellow swim manager at a Varsity swim and dive meet.

WCHS sports team managers, the superstars behind the scenes

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor January 22, 2024

Renowned for its exceptional athletics and star athletes, WCHS takes pride in its sports. However, a crucial part of WCHS sports is often overlooked—the behind-the-scenes organizers and glue of every...

Students rush to seventh period on Tuesday Jan. 10, 2023 to avoid being swept in a possible hall sweep.

WCHS’ controversial ‘Hall Sweep’ policy prompts student frustration and parent concerns

By Julia Levi and George Chang January 10, 2024

While the occasional reprimand from a security guard or disapproving glance from a teacher were the typical consequences for tardiness, WCHS is now introducing a new ramification: hallway sweeps. Starting...

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