The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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WCHSs orchestra concerts are made possible by Orchestra director, Kristofer Sanz. His special mindfulness days puts his students playing and mental health at their best.

Orchestra strikes a chord with Mindfulness

By Brianna Frank, Advertising and Subscriptions Manager May 15, 2023

WCHS’s orchestra has become known for its incredible interactive performances. However, this reputation could not have been formed without the orchestra first bonding as a musical family. The orchestra...

The Walt Whitman High School Chamber Choir directed by Michelle Kim performs The One Who Makes Peace song at the Montgomery County Jewish Educators Alliance (MCJEA) Holocaust Remembrance event.

MCJEA commemorates Holocaust Rememberance Day

By Melissa Redlich, Features Editor May 15, 2023

In 1940, Flora Singer’s life changed forever. She was uprooted from her Belgian Jewish home and taken to the Auschwitz internment camp in Poland. From there, she was battered and bruised, but she survived....

Student cars parked on Victory Lane on April 19. Victory Lane is a popular street for students to park on due to its proximity to WCHS.

Administration driven crazy by student parking violators

By Caroline Harless, Observations Editor May 15, 2023

To the majority of 16-year-olds, getting their driver’s license is one of the most pivotal moments of their teenage careers. With a driver’s license comes new freedom, more responsibility and something...

MCPS wants to apply new security protocols to fight the growing drug problem in schools. WCHS restrooms are currently unmonitored. However, with five schools being randomly selected, WCHS may soon see vape detectors installed in the bathroom entrances.

MCPS attempts to smoke out potential vape users

By Clara Young, Assistant News Editor May 15, 2023

When walking into the bathroom, the familiar saccharine scent is overwhelming. In the distance the sound of coughing and giggles fill the air. This is the reality for high schoolers in MCPS. New drugs...

A broken water fountain at WCHS gets taken out of service after being covered in scotch tape and a plastic water bottle.

School in need of repairs while soap thieves sink to new low

By Isar Uslu, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

Broken water fountains. Broken sinks. Stolen soap dispensers. HVAC that is scorching hot in some rooms and freezing cold in others. WCHS students face infrastructure issues everyday. But despite the frustration...

WCHS sophomore Julia Bloise does math homework during lunch in an effort to relearn Algebra I concepts that she learned during virtual school.

Sumthing’s off: MCPS math levels decline

By Leah Kreisler, Online Photo Manager March 23, 2023

Starting in Kindergarten, students are continuously learning basic math concepts that allow them to move forward and comprehend more complicated ones. Multiplication and division lead to fractions and...

Counterfeit pills laced with Fentanyl can be difficult to distinguish from the authentic ones. These fake pills tend to be a light blue with M and 30 stampings.

Fentanyl: the silent killer of Montgomery Co.

By Julia Levi, Assistant Observations Editor March 23, 2023

The growing epidemic of teen opioid abuse seems to be relentless and never ending. Within the past few months fentanyl has been rapidly circulating throughout MCPS, with 70% of overdoses in the county...

The three members of the Bridge to Wellness team, Maria Bruno, Alex Metral, and Dominic Elliot, stand in front of their Bridge to Wellness room poster.

Bridge to Wellness connects students to positive mental health

By Ha-Yeon Jeon, Features Editor March 21, 2023

$8,000,000: the Montgomery County Council’s special appropriations for expanding High School Wellness Centers (HSWCs) into every MCPS high school. Although Montgomery County has attempted a wide variety...

2021-22s Black History Month mural created by the iDream Churchill Club was created to spread awareness towards the WCHS students about African American history. It was made to show the importance of BHM and the many lives that have been impacted throughout the years.

iDream Churchill strives to commemorate Black history

By Kendyl Groisser, Assistant Online Editor March 21, 2023

Slavery, segregation and police brutality are all struggles that black Americans have faced throughout history and still face today. Black History Month (BHM) serves as a celebration of black culture and...

The following message is now displayed when users open the GradeView mobile app. This message was prompted starting in the beginning of 2023 and access to GradeView is no longer available.

GradeView gets shot down, suspect unknown

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor March 21, 2023

Stressful. When students are asked to describe school in one word, “stressful” comes up frequently. This stress which is often experienced by students of all grade levels is oftentimes built up by...

These recently-installed thermostat sensors allow WCHS teachers to warm or cool their classroom by two degrees.

Too hot, too cold: WCHS’ never-ending Goldilocks problem

By George Chang, Arts Editor March 21, 2023

Even though it is nearing the dead of winter—with excitement in the air over snow flurries and holiday break—WCHS junior Ana Grazziani finds the heat unbearable.  On the flip side, WCHS history...

Protestors stand outside the Supreme Court on Oct. 30, a day before the beginning of arguments regarding the status of affirmative action at U.S. colleges.

Controversy sparks over new affirmative action case

By Clara Young, Assistant News Editor March 21, 2023

Racism is deeply ingrained into this country’s history, and the decades of systematic oppression cannot be easily reversed. Affirmative action was originally intended to reduce discrimination in the...

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