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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

MCPS Board of Education members are in the discussion of revamping the 50% rule. It was first initiated during the COVID-19 era but we are in post-COVID times now so its effects may not longer be applicable.

MCPS kicks 50% rule to the curb in grading revamp

By Clara Young, Copy Editor June 4, 2024

It is no secret that WCHS is known for its rigorous courses and strong academics. While students strive to do well, they are given something to fall back on—the 50% rule. With MCPS’ 50% rule, students...

WCHS teacher Stacye Steele-Yue will retire after 28 years of teaching Spanish and providing students with wisdom.

WCHS Spanish teacher retires after a eventful career

By Isabella Ngwana, Assistant Online Editor June 4, 2024

If you’ve taken a higher level of Spanish, you may be familiar with a woman full of stories and advice. At WCHS, students can always hear the harsh truth about life and funny jokes from Spanish teacher...

WCHS seniors Ryan You and Darian Tamami climb onto a car windshield during Senior Assassin.

Senior assassin sparks debate over student safety

By Isar Uslu, News Editor June 3, 2024

Broken windshields. Football arena brawls. Food fights and aggravated assault. All of these events have taken place at WCHS in the past and have worsened in recent years. To counteract these incidents,...

Screenshot of the homepage, which students utilize to check their essays and various classwork grammar: this use of AI is complimenting their work.

Reading, writing and cheating? AI raises alarm

By Sydney Stern, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager June 3, 2024

A common phrase heard around the school is “rules are meant to be followed”. But what happens when such rules are outdated and not in line with new technologies? Is it still possible to follow the...

WCHS sophomore Isabel Vorabhanda was  disappointed when she learned that Grade Melon shut down at the end of the third quarter.

Another one bites the dust: Grade Melon gets shut down

By Lily Chadwick, As. Sports Editor & Photo Manager May 30, 2024

“What do I need to get on my next test to keep an A?” This is a question that WCHS students are heard saying daily. Although other programs had served a similar purpose, Tinu Vanapamula’s "Grade...

The MCPS Total Operating Budget has seen both increases and decreases since 2005, but has been sharply increasing since FY2022

Budget outrage: A call to action for civic engagement

By Maximus Wang, Opinions Editor May 30, 2024

On May 23, 2024, the Montgomery County Council approved a $7.1 billion budget for Montgomery County’s fiscal year 2025, which is higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) of at least 42 countries,...

MCPD responding to an incident at Wootton HS. The recent violence threats have left many in the community distressed.

Wootton threat highlights value of mental health wellness

By Caroline Harless, News Editor May 29, 2024

On April 17, 2024, 18-year-old student Alex Ye, a student at Wootton High School, was arrested and charged with making threats of mass violence. In today’s world, incidents like these are increasingly...

Catherine Qu and Lucinda Sun, WCHS’s Architecture Club President and Vice President, gather with the clubs other members to stand proudly with their first-place trophy from the ACE Competition in May 2023. Architecture helps them understand the engineering and practical design that comes into play when creating structures, like the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse reconstructs the importance of architectural integrity

By Ava Van Vuren, Assistant News Editor April 25, 2024

In the early morning of March 26, 2024, the large container ship “MV Dali” was leaving the Port of Baltimore, lost control, and crashed into a pylon supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore,...

MCPS Board of Education members held a town meeting to discuss plans to hire a new MCPS superintendent.

On the hunt for transparency: MCPS on a quest to find a new superintendent

By Kate Edwards, Social Media Manager April 25, 2024

Wherever you search, former MCPS superintendent, Monifa McKnight, receives a lot of criticism. Whether it be regarding her misconduct with former Farquhar Middle School principal Joel Beidleman, or school...

To the Point host Aisha Mbowe discusses the operating budget on the first episode of the show post COVID-19. Many MCPS-TV programs went on hiatus during the pandemic and are now being brought back.

MCPS rolls out new methods of public outreach

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor March 1, 2024

From emails to live streams, phone calls to social media posts, MCPS has many methods of communicating with students, families and staff. But after several policy changes, controversies and school closures,...

WCHS senior Alvia Naqvi completes the FAFSA after its release in early January. Completion has not been easy, however, as there are many issues with the form.

FASFA Frustration: students struggle with financial aid fiasco

By Caroline Harless, News Editor March 1, 2024

Every year, around 18 million students complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Created to provide federal aid to students who demonstrate financial need, the FAFSA has long been...

On Feb. 2, 2024, superintendant Monifa McKnight resigned from her position after serving MCPS for two years.

Superintendent Mckinght steps down amid turmoil

By Clara Young, Copy Editor March 1, 2024

On Feb. 2, 2024, MCPS’ superintendent of two years, Monifa McKnight, stepped down from her position following an agreement between her and the Montgomery County Board of Education. The resignation followed...

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