Fire up your spring with a slice from Frank Pepe’s


Photo by Jack Gans.

The world famous pepperoni pizza with the perfect crust-to-sauce-to-cheese ration. Don’t forget the pepperoni!

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor

A new pizza place has come down all the way from Connecticut to take its rightful spot as the #1 pizza in Maryland.  

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana has just opened in our very own Westfield Montgomery Mall. It has taken the spot of Bobby’s Burger Palace known for their spinning chairs and delicious shakes.  

Pepe’s has been packed the past week with no reservations allowed and a line outside the door at almost all main meal times. Although, one piece of their famous pepperoni pizza ordered online takes roughly 30 minutes to make.  

The environment was very friendly but also fit the old feel to the place as the tables are wood and the lighting has a low ambient tone.

Now let’s get to the pizza. First off, the crust to sauce, to cheese ratio for the pizza was the best our state of Maryland has ever seen.  

The cheese stuck to the pizza without slipping off when it was lifted. The crust was a perfect brown with that fresh dough look to it. There were even cut slices all around the pizza.  Plus it was completely worth the price based on how much food was given.  

Some concerns layed with the crust on the bottom being too thin, but were smashed with how chewy the crust was.  The dough was fresh and lived up to the hype of it coming down from Connecticut.

It is quite a different experience than going to Domino’s for dinner as it is more gourmet and has a lot bigger portions.  It is not so much based on the size of the pizza, more on how much each slice can fill someone up. It was rich with flavor from the sauce to the dough, eventually leading to the famous pepperoni. 

Words can’t even describe the taste of the pepperoni.   Beautifully cooked pieces of meat shaped into elegant circles, without the grease that many despise.  One bite will be satisfy for life when it comes to flavor.  They might as well sell a box of their pepperoni for dinner.

Come to Frank Pepe’s, its the closest thing to a New York pizza spot. It tastes the same.