Scotland community recreation center reopens

Katie Gauch and Hannah Yasharoff

Three years void of a recreational area, the Scotland community will re-open its community center, now dedicated as the Bette Carol Thompson Neighborhood Recreation Center,...  Read More »

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Understanding the Bible is necessary for English classes

When I first heard about the use of biblical allusions in AP Literature, I was incensed. I would need to read the Bible to pass? I’m not Christian,...  Read More »

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CHS spirit week winners

Alissa Li , Observations Editor

Throughout Spirit Week, CHS students fought valiantly to have their class crowned as the best in numerous competitions: Coin Wars, Spirit Week, Murals and Float Performances....  Read More »

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Navile speaks for the Girl Child Project.

‘The Girl Child Project’

November 21, 2014

it's academic

It’s Academic undefeated

November 21, 2014

dc trip resized

D.C. journalism convention

November 21, 2014


Listen up: Seven ways to improve from first quarter

Emiliana Cardinale, Production Editor

Second quarter is a time for second chances and a fresh start. It is a time to learn from your mistakes and fix the bad habits that may have held you back first quarter. Here...  Read More »

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Thanksgiving recipes good enough to gobble up

Jordan Janis and Danielle Kiefer

Although many elements go into celebrating Thanksgiving, the one that is most often thought of is food. However, the usual dishes that grace the dining table year after year...  Read More »

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Athletes Commit

Athletes Commit

Michael Fox, Julia McDermott, and Hannah Yasharoff

Senior Louis Dubick Senior Louis Dubick verbally committed to the University of Maryland at College Park as a sophomore after the 2011-2012 spring season,...  Read More »

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Cycle of new coaches affects teams’ spirit and play

November 21, 2014

Freshman Dylan Rotter helped lead CHS to a 2014 State Championship

Athlete of the Month: Dylan Rotter

November 21, 2014

The volleyball team dresses as fairies to support breast cancer awareness.

Team spirit fills CHS hallways on game days

November 21, 2014

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Online Exclusives

New mentoring program implemented to help students

Kim Rooney, Production Editor

Whether it was a kind smile when it was needed most or an offer to help, teachers and staff...  Read More »

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