The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

Many students have been studying and preparing for their AP exams. Along the way, these students have gained valuable skills that will help them academically in the future.

Are AP exams worth it?

By Isaac Horn, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

With AP tests fast approaching, many students have been hit by a wave of stress that is overwhelming their already-hectic high school lives. This wave of stress has left these students with a collective...

For the past 31 years, Montgomery County Public Libraries has had specific branches undergoing activities specialized in each community. However, on March 19th the committee that oversees these branches, decided to dissolve them.

Farewell to Friends of the Library’s individual branches

By Melissa Redlich, Features Editor May 10, 2022

On March 19, the Friends of the Library Montgomery County announced that there would no longer be individual chapters of Friends of the Library, effective immediately.  For the Montgomery County Public...

For the first time in 50 years, the Mormon Temple is reopening for the public. Free tours begin on April 28th, so snag a ticket!

Spring into DC with the perfect itinerary

By Caitlin Murphy and Melissa Redlich May 10, 2022

According to the National Public Radio for Washington DC (WAMU), this year over 23.8 million tourists visited DC. While WCHS students are not tourists, most do not take advantage of the close proximity...

Kira Breslawec stands proudly holding a poster at a protest against Russias invasion of Ukraine. Protests have occured all around the world, including the nations capital to object Putins treatment of Ukraine.

WCHS students raise awareness for Ukraine Relief

By Jordan Pashkoff, Arts Editor May 10, 2022

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been plastered all over the news recently. Watching these events unfold has made many Ukrainian-Americans feel nervous, uncertain and fearful as they watch their...

Jenis consistently comes out with new and unique flavors such as the above pictured Powdered Jelly Donut, which was released on April 14.

Jeni’s Ice Cream freezes the competition

By Ryan Weiner, Sports Editor May 10, 2022

All good things must come to an end. While this saying applies to many different facets, it now symbolizes the end of an era in Cabin John shopping center. In December of 2021, the Baskin Robbins in Cabin...

Senior Courtney Cormier and Alyssa Sofat confirm their kill of Senior Kayla Mao with an instagram post. Getting a picture or video of the assasination is required, and after it gets posted on the main account, the kill is confirmed and the cycle continues.

Stay dry and stay alive in the new senior game of “assassin”

By Elijah Savett, Observations Editor May 6, 2022

25 teams, 125 students and a lot of water guns! Senior Assassin is the new craze at school - a new game where friends turn into enemies, floaties are mandatory, and nobody can be trusted. “Senior...

The main argument for both sides of the opinion on doors or wheels is cars.  They are made up of four wheels and doors that cancel eachother out which brings in new topics such as motorcycles and hinge wheels.

More wheels or doors? Tik tok debates fire up social media

By Jack Gans, Assistant Features Editor March 20, 2022

BUZZ. BUZZ. BUZZ.  Your phone vibrates as your friend sends yet another controversial topic to instigate the group chat into battle.  In past years social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram,...

An Instagram post from artist Taylor Swift features her holding a plate of cookies decorated with the now presidents name. This is an example of celebrities using social media to influence their fans.

With great power comes great responsibilities for celebrities

By Michael Demske, Assistant News Editor March 13, 2022

The age-old icebreaker question of “would you rather be rich or famous?” entails more than the name suggests. Celebrities have always had an influence on the younger generation, but now more than ever,...

New classes for semester two means new assignements. WCHS freshmen Zander Greenspun and Olivia Song work on a group project together.

Friends in classes: beneficial or not?

By Aleeza Ali, Staff Writer March 11, 2022

The last few assignments have been turned in and grades have been finalized. Semester one has ended, which means students have said goodbye to their first semester classes. With the start of semester two,...

Symbols of patriotism like the US flag stand in virtually every room of the WCHS building. Yet, this has not stopped the increasing apathy towards patriotic acts such as standing for the Pledge.

Pledge of Allegiance at WCHS: To stand or not to stand?

By Ryan Weiner, Sports Editor March 10, 2022

It’s the end of second period. Students are packing up their things and pulling out their phones, eager to respond to text messages or play games. Teachers are preparing for their next class while constantly...

Metal grating separates the sidewalk and pedestrians from closed establishments between CVS and Giant -- including China Gourmet Bistro, Breadsmith, Capital One Bank and the Grilled Oyster Company -- that will eventually be cleared to make way for a road separating the convenience and grocery stores.

Cabin John tosses Broadway Pizza for good

By Jeremy Fredricks, Editor-in-Chief March 10, 2022

For 27 years, Broadway Pizza stood as a staple of the shopping center at the corner of Tuckerman and Seven Locks. Known for its pizzas, pastas and friendly neighborhood atmosphere, the restaurant was a...

The 2022 Super Bowl commercials featured tons of celebrities including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Scarlett Johansson, and Pete Davidson.

Super Bowl commercials met with praise, criticism

By Justin Greenzaid, Sports Editor March 9, 2022

Commercials are usually despised by the viewer that has to sit through the advertisement and watch a boring, irritating production. When someone sees a commercial or ad, their first instinct is to click...

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