The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Influencers can set unrealistic beauty standards and preconceived notions of what ones life is supposed to look like.

The dark side of teenage influencer idolization

By Kalena Yee, Features Editor March 1, 2024

In the age of social media, it is now easier than ever to “jump on the bandwagon” on whoever and whatever is trending. With just a short viral picture or video, influencers can gain an instant, strong...

This parking spot in the main student parking of WCHS lot sits empty in the middle of the school day. Due to half-day schedules, absenteeism and the skipping of class, empty parking spots are too common of an occurence. That is one of the factors that makes seniors who have street parking wish that parking was on a first come, first served basis.

Faceoff: First come, first served will optimize parking

By Amir-Abbas Yazdi, Opinions Editor March 1, 2024

Parking spots – those infatuating asphalt rectangles – hold a peculiar power in the WCHS ecosystem. They symbolize freedom, responsibility and, most importantly, seniority. But, this privilege is not...

Paws for Thoughts: Snowplow parenting

Paws for Thoughts: Snowplow parenting

By Ha-Yeon Jeon, Editor-in-Chief March 1, 2024

“How dare you give my precious, precocious genius a failing grade?!!” the unnamed parent screams as they storm in through the classroom door, waving the offensive paper marked with a tiny red ‘B+’....

The test-optional policy implemented in most colleges during the pandemic has been shown to have negative consequences and should therefore be eliminated.

Sit down and take the SAT: Fair and Effective Way to Prove College Readiness

By Leah Kreisler, Sports Editor February 26, 2024

A crucial step in the gauntlet that is the college application process has always been the SAT. When the majority of schools went test-optional in 2020, most high school juniors and seniors breathed a...

Making students schedules is one of WCHS counslers main jobs and takes countless hours out of their schedule.

When counselors change schedules for the next semester, those should be the final changes

By Lily Chadwick, Assistant Sports Editor and Photo Manager February 16, 2024

“What is your schedule? Who is your math teacher? What period do you have English class?” Minutes after schedules come out, students bombard each other with countless questions, compare schedules and...

Paws for Thoughts: Mental Health

Paws for Thoughts: Mental Health

By Jeremy Chung, Editor-in-Chief February 5, 2024

My article is late…again. Sorry Ha-Yeon. I hoped to end the year strong, but I guess that’s a long shot now. To all the Observer staff members reading this, I understand how you feel now. Amidst...

In an attempt to increase club attendance, flyers with QR codes to track club participation are being put around WCHS.

Observer Opinion: Club Overkill

By Caroline Harless, News Editor February 1, 2024

Juvenile Arthritis Club. Feminist Literature Club. Aeronautical Club. It is no secret that WCHS has hundreds of clubs covering all topics — 172 to be exact. With the option to create a new club for the...

Though fatalities in car accidents are rare, accidents are prevalent enough to still cause millions of accident-related deaths every year.

As long as the self-driving system doesn’t crash, cars won’t crash either

By Maximus Wang, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager February 1, 2024

To enter Garrett County is to enter melancholy and dismay. On January 9, a car crash near Exit 4 of Interstate 68 forced authorities to close down the highway in the town of Friendsville, creating significant...

Do not be fooled by their soft pastel hues. These cups are made of steel on the inside, and they can endure many more challenges than a typical water bottle.

Why the Stanley tumblers are worth tumbling over for

By Catherine Chan, Assistant Online Editor February 1, 2024

Waking up early for school is never easy, WCHS students often find themselves rushing out the door at the very last minute. But if there is one thing WCHS students will not forget, it is their 40 oz—vibrantly...

Graduating highschool is an exciting and stressful time. The college admissions process, especially rolling admissions, can make it that much more stressful.

Rolling admissions, more harmful than helpful to WCHS students

By Nate Levine, Social Media Manager January 9, 2024

Most people view rolling admissions in a positive light, but should they? Rolling admissions can subject students to prolonged periods of stress and pressure. According to US News & World Report,...

Cursive is an old art form found commonly on many historical documents. Teaching and learning cursive in schools is essential for students to continue to comprehend old texts.

Faceoff: Cursive should be taught at school again

By Maximus Wang, Promotions and Subscriptions Manager December 18, 2023

Once upon a time, learning proper cursive was an essential part of any school curriculum. However, in modern days, it has become the exception. Only 21 states now require school curriculums to teach cursive...

Most MCPS classes today do not give long, written assignments. As a result, there is little benefit in the speed cursive writing enables.

Faceoff: The dying art holds no relevance in schools

By Isar Uslu, Assistant News Editor December 18, 2023

Chromebook screens illuminate dark rooms. Canvas pages open on every screen. Assignments are being worked on in Google Docs. Computers and the internet have been integral to MCPS classrooms for years....

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