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Superman floats in the air after saving the day near the daily planet where his lover Lois Lane works. Superman now has two sons and lives happily in metropolis where he fights crime and keeps the city safe.

“Superman & Lois” takes another look into the life of Clark Kent and his family

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager May 3, 2021

The CW network produces some of the best live-action superhero shows ever created, and they recently came out with a new masterpiece: “Superman & Lois.” There have been many mixed reviews on the...

Micheal Demske grips his Ps4 controller in his home when he realizes that he is procrastinating. Micheal's resolution is to stop procrastinating so he has made schedules to keep him on task.

Turn your New Year’s resolutions into a reality with these helpful tips

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager January 31, 2021

Every year families go around the dinner table telling each other their resolutions for the new year, yet many of these resolutions go down the drain before they are followed through. Some common resolutions...

Dillian George's mental health has gone down the drain because she misses school sports and doesn't have motivation to do her school work.  She procrastinates in school and wants to have that social interaction that she had on school and the relationships with her teachers.

COVID-19 takes a toll on student mental health

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager November 29, 2020

Since the start of the school year, students around the country have been participating in online school which has affected their mental health in many ways for the better or worse. In some cases, the...

Josh Heimlich sits at his workspace in his house after a day of online school and works on his new assignments.  “I enjoy having the freedom to choose where I want to work based on how productive I will be,” said Josh.  Josh has been working in this office for the past few months because he has been productive here.

WCHS students have different opinions on virtual learning

By Jack Gans, Photo Manager October 28, 2020

A deadly virus has hit the world, putting countries into lockdown. Schools have been shut down and learning has changed, which has brought up the controversy of which learning method students thrive with...

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