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WCHS movie night draws big crowds

WCHS movie night draws big crowds

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager

October 5, 2018

On Sept. 27, the class of 2020 hosted a Movie Night to provide a fun opportunity to raise funds. An important component of movie watching is the accompanying snack, and CHS Movie Night served up a surprisingly warm and comfortable setting, unusual for  the CHS cafeteria: Potomac Pizza boxes were pil...

CHS hosts MCR to vote for 2018-2019 officers

Newly elected officers Nate Tinbite, Safwan Masood, Pranav Tadikonda and SMOB elect Ananya Tadikonda  pose with past officers Michael Yin and former SMOB Matt Post.

By Dani Miller, News Editor

May 9, 2018

Montgomery County Regional (MCR) SGA held a county-wide meeting April 18 in the CHS auditorium. Over 200 students attended the meeting from schools all over MCPS to vote for next year’s MCR officers. According to the MCR SGA website, MCR is a county-wide student government association that represents...

Class of 2019 SGA Officers

Class of 2019 Secretary Imani Raze

By Emi Cardinale, Production Manager

September 19, 2015

Class of 2019 SGA Officers: President: Andrew Robinson VPs: Emma Sumberg. Bradley Furgerson Secretary: Imani Raze Treasurer: Eden Max MCR: Dani Miller Historian: Jordyn Pegues “I am really looking forward to being part of this new, amazing team with the goal to improve the freshmen...

Parking for extracurriculars shouldn’t be revoked

Parking for extracurriculars shouldn't be revoked

By Jasmine Baten, Opinions Editor

June 1, 2015

Roll a six and land on free parking no more—parking at CHS for students involved in athletics, SGA, newspaper, yearbook and other school-related extracurriculars just got a little harder. A new policy for the 2015-2016 school year has declared that spots previously reserved for students participating...

SGA plans to prove we’ve got spirit, yes we do

SGA plans to prove we've got spirit, yes we do

By Jordan Janis, Online Editor-in-Chief

September 23, 2014

The SGA’s main priority for this year is to increase student spirit, in addition to fundraising for important causes and improving outdated areas of the school. “Our biggest objective for this year is to get more kids involved with school events,” senior vice president Louis Dubick said.  “We...

SGA canned food drive falls short of expectations

By Elizabeth Campbell, Editor-in-Chief

December 3, 2013

The SGA-sponsored canned food drive for Manna Food Bank, which lasted from Oct. 14 to Nov. 1, resulted in fewer cans than expected but SGA leaders remain hopeful for future events. The advertisements the SGA broadcasted on the Daily Dose for the drive ended with the statistic that, if every CHS student an...

New SGA sponsers plan to bring back old events

By Katie Clem, Production Editor

September 30, 2013

Special Education paraeducators Orly Santos and Daniel Lethbridge were recently announced as the new Student Government Association (SGA) sponsors who will be responsible for helping students come up with and run all SGA events. The pair’s immediate goals are to hold the same school events, including...

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

Money matters: CHS to fix financial flaws

By Lara Fu and Dana Youngentob

February 28, 2013

CHS staff and administration are working to improve financial processes and procedures after receiving a subpar 2012 internal audit from MCPS. Some of the audit’s criticisms included incorrectly classified transactions; the purchase of a cell phone for a staff member when MCPS already provided th...

CHS celebrates Autism Awareness Month

CHS celebrates Autism Awareness Month

By Emilie Plesset and Sarah Reitzes, Online Editor-In-Chief, Staff Writer

May 1, 2012

CHS students, staff, sports teams and clubs came together in April to celebrate Autism Awareness Month. Spring season athletes wore light blue at designated games to support the cause, and CHS students were encouraged to wear light blue April 20. The Each One Reach One Club, SGA, the Autism Program...

Get to know SGA presidents as they kick off the year

By By Amanda Vinner, Features Editor

October 4, 2010

        SGA PRESIDENT JAMIE OPPENHEIMERI play lacrosse and am a member of B’nai B’rith Girls (BBG). How well do people know the students leading their class? This year, the Observer decided to get to know the presidents at CHS.   What other activities do you participate in?      ...

SGA offers students ways to get involved

By By Emma Crutchfield, Staff Writer and Spenser Easterbrook, Advertising Manager

August 31, 2010

Freshmen have a lot on their mind at the beginning of the school year: finding their lockers, classes and trying to meet new people. But there’s another thing they might be considering in the first few days at CHS: should I run for class officer? Homecoming this year is Oct. 9. Since SGA officers...

SGA classes plan upcoming events, fundraisers

By Remi Forster, Business Manager, Natalie Geisler, News Editor, Carly Rotter, Staff Writer & Meghna Balakumar, Staff Writer

March 22, 2010

Class of 2010 To raise money for the senior class prom, the Class of 2010 will be hosting its first annual mulch sale on Friday, April 9 after school, and all day Saturday, April 10 and Sunday, April 11. “This is a great way to meet other students and earn community service hours,” senior ...

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