New SGA sponsers plan to bring back old events

By Katie Clem, Production Editor

Special Education paraeducators Orly Santos and Daniel Lethbridge were recently announced as the new Student Government Association (SGA) sponsors who will be responsible for helping students come up with and run all SGA events.

The pair’s immediate goals are to hold the same school events, including Churchill’s Got Talent and Mr. Churchill while they also hope to reinstate some of the older events.

“In the past, Churchill won an award for food drives and we would like to bring that back,” Santos said. “We want to show that Churchill is number one in the community.”

While all of these events and activities come with a price, students can help make these activities possible by attending school-sponsored events, according to Lethbridge.

“Many of the activities are funded by selling shirts and attendance at other events like Mr. Churchill and Churchill’s Got Talent,” Lethbridge said.

Not only have Santos and Lethbridge come up with new ideas, the SGA officers have also been busy coming up with new plans for the school year.

“We’re trying to get more school spirit and get more people going to football and basketball games,” president Carly Raizon said. “We’re planning tailgates and a pep rally. We’re also debating whether or not we want to put in another dance or show.”

Vice president Erik Roberts would also like to see more student involvement. He plans to accomplish this by making sure everyone knows about the upcoming events going on.

According to Roberts, he wants to get more involved with CHS rival schools. At SGA-wide events, rival schools would be exposed to a friendlier environment than in past competitions.

Plans for new events are still up in the air as the SGA gets things together for the new year, but Santos and Lethbridge made it clear that their number one priority is the student’s well-being.

“Our long-term goal is for students to feel comfortable and to feel safe in school,” Santos said.