Parking for extracurriculars shouldn’t be revoked

By Jasmine Baten, Opinions Editor

Roll a six and land on free parking no more—parking at CHS for students involved in athletics, SGA, newspaper, yearbook and other school-related extracurriculars just got a little harder.

A new policy for the 2015-2016 school year has declared that spots previously reserved for students participating in aforementioned activities are being redistributed. And it’s ridiculous.

According to Business Administrator Lisa Wellek, the rising senior class is about 100 students larger than the graduating class, which means that a change in the current parking assignments is in order.

The change is set to get rid of reserved spots and redistribute them so that there’s an increased number of lottery spots and “medically necessary” spots.

According to Wellek, “medically necessary” applies to any student that provides a physician’s note indicating the need for short-term parking.

This makes sense. Only there will only be a six medically necessary parking spot increase and fifteen lottery spot increase for the upcoming school year, which means that the collective hundreds of students involved in SGA, athletics, newspaper and yearbook no longer have a guaranteed spot due to 21 parking spaces.

There are over 100 parking spaces at CHS, not including nearby friends’ driveways and roadside parking.

Is there really a need to make students partaking in school-related extracurriculars enter the lottery or hunt for a space when the reason they’re parking early in the morning or staying at the school hours after the last bell rings is for the betterment of the entire school?

Nope. These students aren’t staying in those parking spaces for fun or to take advantage of a guaranteed space. Those students are there because they’re working hard, whether it be to bring glory to the CHS name through sports, publish the next issue of The Observer or finalize decisions about Homecoming.

They deserve those parking spots.

Though medically necessary parking spaces are quite necessary indeed, the number of lottery spaces should be increased in order to accommodate the larger incoming senior class, the minimal increase shouldn’t override the work and time commitment put in to benefit the school directly.