SGA offers students ways to get involved

Freshmen have a lot on their mind at the beginning of the school year: finding their lockers, classes and trying to meet new people. But there’s another thing they might be considering in the first few days at CHS: should I run for class officer?

Homecoming this year is Oct. 9. Since SGA officers lead their class in creating their homecoming corners, elections for the SGA class of 2014 are coming soon. Freshmen will have a chance to make their voices heard and represent the newest student body at CHS.

“Doing something like this is going to get [freshmen] acclimated [to CHS],” class of 2013 representative Scott Selman said. “Life doesn’t end at 2:10.”

According to Class of 2013 President Aaron Ross, the transition from middle school to high school was easier because he got to meet new people early in the year.

The positions students can run for include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian and MCR Representative. Apart from these specific positions, students who don’t get elected can join the Executive Board.

“Every time we have to make a decision we have to consult the Exec Board,” class of 2013 Vice President Hana Quir

The Executive Board is made up of a group of students that work with the class officers on key topics like organizing fundraisers for their class, designing class apparel and creating the class’s homecoming corner.

According to Selman, the SGA will help freshmen come together and become the Class of 2014.

Both Ross and

“You need to be honest about your opinions,” Ross said. “Add humor to [the] speech [you deliver].”

To any freshman who wants to lead their class and meet new people, look no further than the SGA.