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Unique gifts boosts teachers’ spirits

Mr. Antonucci stands in his office holding his gift of a Peppa Pig and the soysauce while he is surrounded by the written cards all over the walls.

By Cherri Tung, Arts Editor

January 5, 2020

Each year students struggle with finding the ideal gift for others. They browse the web and wander into stores at the mall in hopes of finding the perfect present whether it be for a friend or a teacher. They cannot be cliche or boring, but what about crazy? Often times teachers receive the craziest...

It’s time to movie into the holiday spirit

The movie poster from the classic

By Ela Jalil, Assistant News Editor

December 27, 2019

Whether it be a human who thinks he is an elf, or two strangers that have to pretend they are a couple to trick their families for the holidays, Christmas movies never fail to entertain. For some families, watching specific Christmas movies is an annual tradition. Whatever the occasion, Christmas movies ...

Different cultures welcome in holidays

 Yutnori is a Korean game where you hold 4 sticks and throw them, moving a piece on the “map”, depending on how your sticks land.

By Victoria Park, Staff Writer

February 5, 2019

What do crackling fireworks, bubbly champagne (or apple cider for the kids), a kiss at midnight, 2019 LED glasses, and 4 wooden sticks have in common? Most Americans recognize New Year’s as a time to make resolutions and watch the ball drop, but other cultures welcome the year in much different ways...

Classic Christmas song causes controversy

WDOK radio station, among across the country, banned “Baby It’s Cold Outside” from playing this holiday season.

By Sapna David, Assistant Arts Editor

January 8, 2019

The #MeToo movement has spurred a wave of sexual harassment claims, causing many to feel offended by pictures, videos, and in this case, song lyrics, that suggest any trace of harassment. The 1944 song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been banned by several radio stations across the country, includin...

The ‘Observer’s’ guide to holiday shopping

The ‘Observer’s’ guide to holiday shopping

By Elizabeth Campbell, Production Editor

December 3, 2012

Do you love the holidays but never know what presents to get everyone? We’ve all been there. Have no fear, for I have scoured the Internet and the holiday magazines (I am currently nursing a paper cut), in order to bring you a list of great gift ideas for all age groups. Best of all, they’re compl...

Tired of pie? The ‘Observer’ offers pumpkin delights

The Pumpkin Spice Cookies received high praise.

By Lori Koenick, Features Editor

November 22, 2011

Another Thanksgiving is around the corner, CHS, and that means another meal will eventually be the muffin top over our pants—unless you wear leggings (a blessing I have discovered, girls). Everyone has his or her favorite Thanksgiving food; however, I have a favorite course—dessert. I bring...

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