The smell of the holidays: choosing the right candle


Photo by Caroline Harless

At Bath and Body Works, the holiday display, located in the front of the store, presents customers with some of their most popular candles for the holiday season. Bath and Body Works offers a wide variety of scents to choose from during this time of the year.

By Caroline Harless, Photo Manager

Have you ever walked into Bath and Body Works and instantly became overwhelmed by the amount of products and scents they have to offer? Their candles and other bath products are enjoyed by many, but it can be difficult to navigate through the sea of scents to find the ones you like best. Especially with the holidays nearing and the stress that comes with them, trying to find the perfect candles for this time of year shouldn’t be an added worry. 

With almost 200 holiday candles at Bath and Body Works to choose from, how can you make sure you get the ones that suit your scent the best? Well, the holiday candles can be divided into three categories: sweet treats, nature and fruity. These categories can be used to easily find which candles appeal to you most out of the options under each one. 

Sweet Treat Scented Candles 

Crushed Candy Cane is one example of a candle in the sweet treat category. This classic candy cane scented candle is great for anyone who enjoys sweet notes of peppermint. While not overpowering, Crushed Candy Cane is a hit when it comes to a staple holiday scent. 

Want something more outside of the box? Well then the Cinnamon Caramel Swirl candle might be the match for you. New to Bath and Body Works this year, this candle smells just like the name. Imagine a freshly baked cinnamon roll drizzled with warm caramel. That’s exactly what you get with this scent that smells good enough to eat.

The next dessert candle is Merry Cookie. Smelling of the classic ingredients in sugar cookies, this candle is the same as the aroma one would expect when baking fresh cookies. Also including hints of sweet sugar crystals and rich vanilla, Merry Cookie is an all around great choice for anyone who wants a light, sweet vanilla scented candle. 

Who doesn’t love a delicious cup of hot chocolate to warm you up on the cold winter days? With Hot Cocoa and Cream, you can have that same feeling in a candle. The candle embodies a rich chocolatey scent that’ll be sure to transport you into the holiday mood.  

Last but not least in this category is Vanilla Bean Noel. Although it is not one of the most complex scents, Vanilla Bean Noel still delivers with its gentle vanilla aroma. With tones of vanilla cake and marshmallow fluff, this candle is a top contender for anyone who wants to get in the cheery spirit. 

Nature Scented Candles 

When you picture the holidays, what comes to mind? Perhaps spending time with family, baking or relaxing. A staple for many is picking out a Christmas tree. The fresh smell of pine evokes all of the holiday feelings. Scented just like a fir tree, the Evergreen candle exemplifies the piney, fresh smell that one would expect. Including cedarwood and sweet sap in the mix of essences, Evergreen is sure to remind you of the most wonderful time of the year.  

Prefer a warmer, smokier scent? Then the Fireside candle might be your top pick. Users are able to simulate a campfire without all of the hassle. This candle is scented just like a campfire, with notes of cedar, clove bud and warm embers. 

While the holidays are a great time for many, sometimes we could all use that little bit of extra cheer. Well ‘Tis The Season is the candle for the job. With powerful aromas of cinnamon and hints of pine, ‘Tis The Season is a great choice for anyone who wants a classic holiday scent that can’t go wrong. 

With the cold winter season approaching, you’re probably thinking of pine trees, snowfall and getting cozy by the fire. What’s better to embody these feelings than a candle named Winter itself? Smelling of fresh pine with notes of clove and orange, Winter has that classic holiday scent with a slight citrus twist. Winter also includes light hints of firewood, creating that warm atmosphere everyone wants in a candle. 

Vanilla eggnog, fir balsam and juniper berries. One rich and sweet, the other fresh and piney, and the last tart and fruity. It’s hard to imagine these scents working well all in one, but surprisingly they come together to form Under The Christmas Tree. The melody of scents blend together perfectly to create a candle that suits its name perfectly. Under The Christmas Tree is a great pick for someone who wants the classic scent of a fir tree mixed with a slight sweetness and fruitiness. 

Fruity Scented Candles 

Many people may already know of the Winter Candy Apple candle that Bath and Body Works has to offer, but it’s not without reason why this candle made it on the list. With its fresh fruity scent, Winter Candy Apple is sure not to disappoint. Consisting of candied apples, crisp pears and oranges, this scent delivers a light fruit scent without overpowering your senses. 

The strong scent of bubbly, fruity champagne is common around the holidays when many are celebrating. Highschool students can’t quite drink champagne yet, nevertheless the feeling of celebration and cheer can be evoked with the Champagne Toast candle. Smelling of the name, Champagne Toast embodies a distinctive aroma of sparkling berries with hints of sweet, citrus orange. 

On the contrary, warm, spicy drinks are also a staple during the holiday season. Spiced Apple Toddy is a candle that perfectly combines fruity with warm spice. Scented as the name suggests, Spiced Apple Toddy smells like warm apple brandy with hints of cinnamon, plum and tart cranberries. It is a great combination for anyone who likes the mix of fruit and spice.

What’s better than the delicious scent of peaches dusted with fresh sparkling snow? Snowy Peach Berry is a bright, fruity candle scented like sweet peaches with hints of cranberry and sugared musk. Imagine a peach, but not as intense, mixed with crisp, fresh undertones. 

Finally, Sugared Pomegranate. This candle is sure to make you go back for another sniff as its intoxicating fruity scent is hard to resist. While still preserving the holiday feel, Sugared Pomegranate contains notes of pink grapefruit, sparkling bergamot and watermelon ice. With the perfect combination of sweetness and fruitiness, Sugared Pomegranate is definitely a candle to pick up this year. 

Overall, Bath and Body Works has one of the best selections if you are looking for holiday candles. Although the array of choices may seem overwhelming at first, don’t let that discourage you from seeking out great candles. The vast variety of choices only add to the excitement of candle shopping, as you might find a scent you would’ve never thought to end up in your shopping bag. With scents ranging from peppermint to cinnamon and vanilla to pine tree, everyone is bound to find their perfect candle this holiday season.