Proving the haters wrong: Santa is real


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Santa and a stuffed bear look over the world in a jungle of beautiful leaves.

By Nate Levine, Promotions Manager

Parents convince their children that Santa is the one who puts presents under the tree, and they are telling the truth, not the elaborate story many assume parents make.

Some argue that Santa is fake because how could someone travel all around the world and deliver the exact presents children want in just one night? The answer is quite simple. 

It is very important to use the process of elimination when questioning the existence of Santa. Doubters need to do this when making their assumptions.

There is no way it could be possible that parents sneak out of their rooms and put presents under the tree. Parents are always tired at night because of their work, so they would not have enough energy to do this.

There are people who have claimed to see Santa himself, and they surely know that lying is not a good thing and therefore would not lie about that. If Santa has been seen in person, how could he be fake?

Could the naughty and nice list just be a fake thing of our imagination? Of course not! Many children have come out and said that since they were on the naughty list, they received worse and/or fewer presents.

In 1958, the National American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) took over the Santa tracking duties, and now he is tracked live on ABC7 every year. 

It is simply impossible that NORAD and ABC7 could make up a whole website just to track Santa. They find his precise location in the world and even show all of his reindeer as he swiftly circles the globe.

The doubters will say that it is physically impossible for one man to travel the globe in one night on a sleigh that is also holding many reindeer. Sadly for them, an article by fully disputes that claim by explaining how many children around the world hear his jingle bells on the same night, so he must be a quick traveler.

Another thing to consider is whether there has ever been handwriting quite like Santa’s. No! There has not. Santa’s handwriting is completely distinct and it stays the same each year to silence the doubt.

It is even possible to email Santa yourself at!  If Santa was not real, he would not respond to any emails. In the worst-case scenario, Santa won’t respond; which usually leads to Mrs. Claus becoming quite upset. 

Now that all of the doubters are silenced and the parents rejoice, relax and if celebrating, enjoy Santa’s presence coming soon!

“People can only draw conclusions on what they find, not on what they can’t find,” said