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CHS baseball gives their best effort on senior night

Senior Griffin Horn pitches in a losing effort to Wootton on their senior night

By Jordan Janis, Senior Writer

May 11, 2015

After a disappointing season with a record of 3-7, the CHS baseball team closes its season with fond memories of the past. The team played their final game at home May 5 against Wootton, ending with a final score of 2-12 in favor of Wootton.  Senior captains Jack Langerman, Jesse Katz, seniors Griffin...

‘Observer’ favorites: pretzel recipes with a twist

'Observer' favorites: pretzel recipes with a twist

By Katherine Michael and Jordan Janis

April 29, 2015

From the classic warm, soft cinnamon pretzels that melt in one’s mouth to the crunchy and salty pretzel snacks, pretzels have been a staple in the American diet for years. Pretzels have their origins in the 7th Century, when European monks rewarded children with folded strips of baked dough that...

MCPS’ seven snow days plow plans, schedules

Snow days ate up time and caused cancellations of traditional school events.

By Jordan Janis, Online Editor-in-Chief

March 24, 2015

A staggering seven snow days this winter have affected CHS students both inside and outside of the classroom, from standardized test preparation to extracurricular activities being cancelled. With the state requirement of 180 school days per year, the county has decided as of March 20 to stick with...

Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral

Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral

By Katie Gauch and Jordan Janis

May 30, 2014

A golden-brown waffle: crispy on the outside, fluffy and white on the inside.  Hot chocolate sauce filling each crater and drizzled across the plate.  Four ice cream scoops: two creamy French vanilla and two rich chocolate circling the breakfast dessert.  Whose mouth wouldn’t water? As CHS students...

Discipline policy to reduce out-of-school suspensions

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

February 27, 2014

After four years of study, The Maryland State Board of Education (BOE) approved new discipline regulations Jan. 28,  detailing the requirements for suspensions and expulsions, requiring educational services to be provided to suspended students and decreasing the impact of suspensions on minority and ...

CHS celebrates Valentine’s Day

CHS celebrates Valentine's Day

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

February 24, 2014

The arrival of Valentine’s Day brings two possibilities for teenagers: doing nothing or spending the day with loved ones. However, when these teenagers were in elementary school, they passed their Valentine’s Day in a different fashion—with a class party full of candy and Valentine’s Day cards...

Drivers urged to stop giving cash to panhandlers

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

January 2, 2014

Montgomery County recently began its "Hand Up, Not a Handout" campaign, an educational program to discourage drivers from giving money directly to panhandlers because of moral and safety concerns. Instead, the county is urging residents to text the word "SHARE" to 80077 to donate $5 to the Community ...



By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

December 4, 2013

After a difficult 2012-2013 season with a record of 4-10, the wrestling team is preparing for its upcoming season. Wrestling coach and physical education teacher Timothy Lowe has high expectations for the season. "Last season we had a list of unfortunate situations and injuries we had to overcome," Lowe said.  ...

Half-Days at CHS

Half-Days at CHS

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

November 27, 2013

Twenty-minute class periods, going home at 10:50—the only thing better than this type of school day is a school day with no school at all. Every year, the day before Thanksgiving is a half-day for students and teachers.  Although some students attend school, many students find this day pointless...

‘Observer’ wins awards

By Jordan Janis, Features Editr

November 26, 2013

The Observer has received multiple awards in recognition of its 2012-2013 publications.  The National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) recently awarded the Observer the All-American honor rating, NSPA’s highest achievement, with Marks of Distinction for Coverage/Content, Writing/Editing, Photos/...

Know Your Rights

By Jamie Lescht and Jordan Janis

November 4, 2013

Though many students have been lectured about why they shouldn’t drink alcohol or do drugs, what happens legally if they make a decision that contradicts these lessons? Many students aren’t aware of the procedures of being detained by an administrator or police officer and don’t know the legal...

Can you say sesquipedality?

Can you say sesquipedality?

By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

October 15, 2013

Day: a 24-hour period between one night and the next. However, October 16 is more than just a “day;” it is Dictionary Day, Noah Webster’s birthday.  Although Congressional records and Presidential proclamations do not establish it as a national holiday, Dictionary Day was created in honor of...

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