CHS celebrates Valentine’s Day


By Jordan Janis, Features Editor

The arrival of Valentine’s Day brings two possibilities for teenagers: doing nothing or spending the day with loved ones.

However, when these teenagers were in elementary school, they passed their Valentine’s Day in a different fashion—with a class party full of candy and Valentine’s Day cards for everyone.

“In elementary school, in class we made boxes and everyone gave each other Valentines and we ad a class party,” sophomore Nicole Andrews said.

According to junior Eric Murray, it was “pretty cool because who doesn’t love getting a lot of candy.”

While CHS students enjoy the way they spend Valentine’s Day today, sharing the day with parents or a boyfriend or girlfriend, they also miss this elementary school party atmosphere.

“I like elementary school better because I was guaranteed a million Valentines,” Andrews said.

According to junior Dani Weinberg, she liked the way she celebrated Valentine’s Day in elementary school better because it was “much more festive and spirited.”

However, other CHS students are happier with the way their Valentine’s Day has matured.

“I do nothing for Valentine’s Day,” Murray said.  “I’m cool with it because it is just one day and we are older now, so I don’t think everyone wants to buy candy for all eight periods of classes.”