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Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral

A golden-brown waffle: crispy on the outside, fluffy and white on the inside.  Hot chocolate sauce filling each crater and drizzled across the plate.  Four ice cream scoops: two creamy French vanilla and two rich chocolate circling the breakfast dessert.  Whose mouth wouldn’t water?

As CHS students scroll down their Instagram feeds, they will encounter pictures this mouthwatering every day through the Instagram account, foodporndaily1.  Run by CHS juniors Jessie Gloger and Marci Weiss and Wootton High School junior Sydney Burger, this account capitalizes on teenagers’ obsession with food by providing them pictures of delicious-looking meals throughout the day.

“I adore food design and can’t pass up a great restaurant,” Burger said.  “Since I’m known as a foodie, people always ask me where to eat and what to get, so by creating this account I allowed people an easy route to find the best food locally and on vacation.”

Burger began foodporndaily1 last year because of her love for food, inspired by food-writer Amanda Simpson’s website,  Weiss and Gloger joined this account at the beginning of this school year.

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“We originally got the inspiration because we saw the foodporndaily website and thought we would do something similar,” Weiss said.  “We have always been obsessed with the presentations of different foods.”

Burger, Gloger and Weiss initially took all of the food pictures themselves, but now they receive pictures from avid fans.  Through their group text message they discuss which photos have the fit the site with their criteria of color, design and subject and have the most potential to attract the most food lovers.  Posts often include the restaurant and name of the dish, and give credit to the photographer.

According to Weiss, people sometimes get upset when they send photos and foodporndaily1 does not Instagram them because they feel that their viewers will not think they are appetizing.

“We have been criticized for sometimes taking the account too seriously, but we really just are passionate about food,” Gloger said.

Despite these criticisms, foodporndaily1 receives many compliments from its fans.

“I am constantly told that our pictures have a lot of variation and that they are the perfect blend of savory meals and desserts,” Burger said.  “People love the fact that they can find new places to eat and discover ‘trendy’ foods like the ramen burger or the cronut.”

When first starting up, it was difficult to get a wide audience because not many people knew about the account.  However, it now has 2,300 followers and is gaining more every day.

“Our viewership used to solely be people in the area, but we have expanded to people from California, New York, Florida and even overseas,” Gloger said.

Students have become obsessed with checking the account and looking at these mouth-watering photos.  Even Weiss and Gloger have their favorite posts themselves, including the chocolate and marshmallow-filled s’mores pizza or any pizza in general.

“My favorite post is the prosciutto and chicken pesto pizza because it looks very fresh and authentic Italian cooking,” Gloger said.  “I also love the Dominique Andel—it’s a famous cronut place—because it’s a doughnut on the outside and soft and airy like a croissant on the inside. “

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Mouth-watering Instagram account goes viral