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Student Art Spotlight: Nura Dhar

One part of Nura Dhar's fashion design process is sketching out possible designs for collections.

By Emily Zhang, News Editor

March 3, 2020

From using watercolors and prismacolor markers for fashion illustration, to sewing with unconventional materials, senior Nura Dhar is passionate in the art of fashion design. At WCHS, Dhar has taken four years of fashion design, as well as AP Art History, and now interns in the new architecture course ...

WCHS students express themselves through their clothing choices

Senior Wysh Anstine comes to school in outfits that not only make her stand out but make her feel good.

By Trevor Gardemal, Social Media Manager

November 12, 2019

American photographer and designer Bill Cunningham once said: “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”  This is especially true in high school, where students may feel judged by their peers everyday. Some students choose to use their personal style as not only a means o...

Cool fashion trends for a sizzling summer

Eli Langer (freshman) with denim shorts, minimalistic white button down with black and white converse and slim black cat-eye sunglasses.

By Nur Yavuz, Staff Writer

May 8, 2019

Fashion trends that will appear this spring and summer have already had their debut at events such as New York, Milan, Paris and London fashion weeks. The most unique fabrics have been transformed into a more street-wearable style for a more affordable price. According to the 2019 April Cosmopolitan...

Fashion club sews together new idea for show

This year’s Fashion Club fashion show will hopefully take place in D.C. and bring together not only the WCHS community, but other MCPS schools and their communities as well.

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

March 7, 2019

Trendy, casual, exotic and bohemian. All are types of fashion that have been featured in New York Fashion Week and are soon to be featured in future WCHS fashion shows. Previously, the WCHS fashion club has put together extensive and grand fashion shows displaying work from WCHS’ artistically talented...

Fast Fashion Leads to Environment Concerns

By Nora Holland, Opinions Editor

November 26, 2018

Need a cheap yet fashionable outfit fast? Never fear! Look no further than Forever 21; it has everything you could possibly hope for and more, as long as you do not mind contributing to water pollution and supporting the brand’s violations of federal law. Fast fashion, by definition, is a term used...

CHS students look forward to fashion careers in future

CHS students look forward to fashion careers in future

By Fatima Yazdi, Social Media Editor

January 9, 2018

Fashionista: a designer of haute couture and devoted follower of fashion. The dynamic and global industry that is the fashion world better watch out, because CHS students are ready to conquer it. While finding true passion and interests may be difficult for some, many recognize what they love to do...

Gaga’s sister steals spotlight in fashion industry

By Ariana Etessami, Staff Writer

October 26, 2011

  Have you heard of Natali Germanotta?   Lady Gaga’s younger sister— a.k.a. Gaga 2.0— is about to take the fashion world by storm as the peculiar Mother Monster’s trance over her "little monsters" begins to slowly wear off.   Before her interview in a September Teen Vogue ...

Student Snapshot: Alex Zohore

By By Maddy Flax

October 4, 2010

Ever since he can remember, senior Alex Zohore has been obsessed with fashion. Since middle school he has saved his doodle-covered folders and notebooks filled with clothing sketches, and cannot remember a time when he was not infatuated with designing clothes. “I design all the time; during class,...

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