Fashion club sews together new idea for show


Fatima Yazdi

This year’s Fashion Club fashion show will hopefully take place in D.C. and bring together not only the WCHS community, but other MCPS schools and their communities as well.

By Fatima Yazdi, Features Editor

Trendy, casual, exotic and bohemian. All are types of fashion that have been featured in New York Fashion Week and are soon to be featured in future WCHS fashion shows.

Previously, the WCHS fashion club has put together extensive and grand fashion shows displaying work from WCHS’ artistically talented students. But this year, the show is anticipated to be one of a kind.

“Previous WCHS fashion shows have taken place in school, have only included members of the WCHS fashion club and did not include student models or make-up artists (who are not designers),” junior and fashion club president Nura Dhar said. “We hope to have our 2019 fashion show in D.C, incorporate designers from many MCPS high schools and include student models and designers.”

The fashion club is a place for students interested in fashion as a hobby and a potential career. It helps students pursue their passion, as well as meet to discuss and create the newest fashion designs. Although the fashion club has produced a show for many years now, Dhar is hoping to take this year’s show to the next level.

“I hope to continue to incorporate activities where members can learn about famous designers and their design processes,” Dhar said. “I hope to create an event where the community can exchange ideas and view student design work.”

Dhar has enjoyed working alongside interested students and fashionistas to design and produce clothes and pieces for the 2019 fashion show. The show is themed around outer space and is expected to include work from creators other than students.

“We hope that this fashion show will include many students from many different schools,” Dhar said. “We are also hoping to collaborate with student models, makeup artists and hairdressers.”

In addition to Dhar, other students with a great passion for fashion have been working hard to bring the show to life. Although not many students have showed as much interest in previous years, the commitment from newer students is expanding the potential that the show has.

“I can assure you that we are doing our best and working as hard as we can to make this dream come to real life,” junior and fashion club vice-president Sarah Abusaid said. “As cliche as it may sound, we want this show to be amazing and to show every single student out there who has a dream that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.”

The club has found it challenging to find students who are as dedicated as the rest in submitting their ideas, time and effort into producing an amazing show. However, the hard-working students in charge of directing and producing the show, alongside teacher sponsor Tiffany Carmi, have attracted new students interested in fashion and in contributing to the club and show.

“WCHS can expect an amazing, new and improved fashion show debuting student fashion designers, models and make-up artists where the community can experience student work,” Dhar said.