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Netflix show hooks WCHS students with comedy

Netflix continues to come out with equally creative and addicting shows for users to watch. “Sex Education”, released Jan. 11, has already been renewed for a second season.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

March 7, 2019

Netflix released the show “Sex Education”, a quirky yet hilarious show that seems to be meant for teens, Jan. 11. In each of the eight episodes, a new sexual or teen issue presents itself between one or two characters in the show and the rest of the episode is left to the resolution of said issue,...

WCHS celebrates 30 years of student tradition

(Left to right) Juniors Marshall Harner and Merrick Willeford and senior Vinny Douglass perform “I’m A Believer” during last year’s Blast production.

By Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

March 6, 2019

Every year, the WCHS community comes together to experience a voyage through time through song. Blast has been a WCHS tradition that consists of a series of popular musical numbers from throughout time corresponding to a theme that changes every year. This year the theme is Blast From the Past in honor...

Netflix’s You reveals the dark side of human nature

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, Beck’s boyfriend and creepy stalker. He is often the star of many of the horrifying drama that takes place in You.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

February 26, 2019

On Sept. 9, Netflix released the show You, an intense and steamy drama. The show takes place in New York City, and throughout the ten episodes, a sinister relationship forms between the two main characters, while we find out more about each of their scary pasts. The acting and shocking plot has brough...

“Aquaman” is predictable, does not exceed expectations

Jason Momoa stars as Aquaman, the half-human protector of the deep. Aquaman must reunite the underwater kingdoms in order to prevent his half-brother, Orm, from invading the surface world.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

February 8, 2019

A legend turned into film? Check. Discovering the lost world of Atlantis? Check. Nice battle scenes and sarcastic humor? Check. And a guy who looks a lot like Steven Adams? Check. The story of the legendary protector of the deep hit theaters Dec. 21. “Aquaman” documents the journey of the half-human...

LIKE documentary highlights dangers of social media

The Oct. 2018 documentary had a screening at Walter Johnson High School Jan. 15. The film highlights the effects of social media and how to monitor your technology use.

By Eliza Asbury, Online Editor-in-Chief

January 23, 2019

Social media is here to stay, and that’s a fact. How we use it, however, is constantly changing. The IndieFlix Original documentary LIKE, released Oct. 2018, highlights these modern effects of social media and technology on our generation and future generations. The 48 minute documentary cover...

“The Grinch” steals Christmas and the hearts of viewers

“The Grinch” steals Christmas and the hearts of viewers

By Joe Raab, Sports Editor

December 21, 2018

Holiday season is rolling around, and that means three things: lots of cookies, hot chocolate and holiday movies such as “Elf,” “Santa Claus” and, of course, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” This year, a remake of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” came out Nov. 9, just in time for...

“Creed II” fights its way to the top as successor to “Creed”

Michael B. Jordan, who plays Adonis Creed poses with fellow actors Tessa Thompson and Sylvester Stallone.

By Brandon Li, Copy Editor

December 21, 2018

“Creed II” delivers a smashing hit as the seventh installment in the “Rocky” franchise. Directed by Steven Caple Jr., “Creed II” picks up right where “Creed” left off, following the life of boxer Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). At the start of the film, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren)...

Spanish teen drama entrances WCHS students

Elite stars Miguel Bernardeau and Danna Paola sit together during an interview. In the show, the two are in a dramatic off-on relationship.

By Allison Jacobs, Assistant News Editor

December 5, 2018

On Oct. 5, Netflix released the Spanish show Elite, a teen thriller and drama. The show takes place at a school in Spain, and over the course of eight episodes, it unravels the murder of one of the 11 characters. However, the emotional acting and storyline has drawn viewers from all over the world t...

“Beetlejuice” musical adaptation impresses with humor

By Ohio Meshanko, Promotions Manager

November 20, 2018

In recent years, popular TV shows and movies have gotten their very own Broadway musical adaptation and are usually well-received. It comes as no surprise that fans were ecstatic when it was announced that the cult classic film “Beetlejuice” was getting its own adaptation in the form of “Beetlejuice: ...

A Star is Born is a star in the theaters

Lady Gaga is one of the two leads in A Star Is Born.

By Bryan Fletcher, Production Manager

October 24, 2018

A significant prerequisite that determines whether a film will succeed in the box office is that it leaves an impact, and if any film has done that this year, it's “A Star is Born.” Marking both the film debut of Lady Gaga and the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper, “A Star is Born” has ...

Netflix’s On My Block is not on our block

By Sofia Williamson, Senior Writer

May 31, 2018

It's rare that we see a television show highlighting minority neighborhoods and the violence that takes place within them. If we did see a show on these topics, however, we would only hope that it would be well-executed and accurately document the struggles that people living in such conditions endure. Netfl...

Avengers: Infinity War lives up to the hype

Many CHS students have flocked to the movie theaters to watch the highly anticipated film.

By Ethan C. Miller, Senior Writer

May 18, 2018

  “Avengers: Infinity War” delivers a conflict of mass proportions in the perfect way; tons of action, great characters and minimal down-time.   Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, The Marvel Cinematic Universes (MCU) 19th installment, “Avengers: Infinity War” is the best Marve...

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