And the 2023 Oscar for “Best Picture” goes to…


Graphic courtesy of @everythingeverywheremovie on Instagram

The film “Everything Everywhere All At Once” has become an audience favorite over the past year. The film has been winning awards all over the place and it will likely rank up at the Oscars as well.

By Paige Tasin, Social Media Manager

February is the month with one of the best seasons… award season. It has everything from the Critics Choice, Grammy, Golden Globes and Emmys, to everyone’s favorite movie award show: the Oscars. The nominations for the awards have recently been announced and the line-up for Best Picture will be quite competitive. Below is a description of each of the films nominated for the night’s biggest award and what makes them so noteworthy. Form an opinion about the best picture before the critics choose theirs!

“All Quiet on the Western Front” 

The film is directed by Edward Berger, starring Daniel Bruhl, Felix Kammerer, and Albrecht Schuch. This film is the third adaptation of the titular novel. The original version in 1930 won Best Picture, so it is not too far-fetched to believe it could win again. This film shows the horrors of World War 1, where the men who first volunteer to fight on the fields soon come to understand the harsh reality of their situation. The cinematography is stunning in this film and does justice to what is considered to be the best war story of all time. 

“Avatar: The Way of Water”

This film is the second in the Avatar franchise after the first movie’s immense success back in 2009. The original became the highest grossing movie of all time and “The Way of Water”  is following in its footsteps, as it has already passed the 1 billion dollar mark. James Cameron has carried his vision of this story for many years and plans on making a few more films in this series. The CGI used in this film is revolutionary technology that never fails to amaze audiences. For that reason alone it deserves to be nominated in this category. 

“The Banshees of Inisherin”

The movie stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson. Gleeson’s character decides he no longer wants to be friends with Farrell’s character. The plot line almost feels juvenile, centering around two men arguing if they should talk to each other anymore. However, it is displayed in such a heartbreaking way that one can feel deep emotions over a simple and unpretentious plot. This could win best picture easily as it has a sincere and beautiful message.


Anyone watching this film has to understand how Baz Luhrmann’s style of film works: extravagant and over-the-top production is a recurring theme in his filmography. Due to this extravagance, it might not win best picture, but Austin Butler did deliver an outstanding performance. He imitated Elvis to an amazing extreme and the actor almost looked exactly like one of the most iconic men in music history.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”

This film was one of the most exceptional of the year. The audience reaction was so overwhelmingly positive to his film that it would not be surprising if this film managed to get the Best Picture title. It has one of the most surreal plots of the year, depicting the multiverse in an entertaining and adventurous way. Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan were wonderful in this film, causing many viewers to root for them in the Best Actor/Actress race as well.

“The Fabelmans”

This movie is made for cinephiles. As Steven Spielberg’s latest work, it is made as both a love letter to film and a semi-autobiographical account of Spielberg’s own life. Considering the people who decide the award are film lovers, it is not far-fetched to assume they would choose this as their best picture. It also won best picture at the Golden Globes, so it will definitely be a film to consider.


This is a movie that follows a musician played by Cate Blanchett. Most reviews surrounding this movie are those of people that were skeptical that the film would hold their attention, but left wanting more. Therefore, it is a surprising film that will likely wow the decision makers at the Oscars. 

“Top Gun: Maverick”

The original film in the franchise came out in 1986. The sequel gained more attention than anyone anticipated. Most viewers have agreed that the second film is better than the original. It was one of the best action films of the year and offered a masterclass in capturing suspense and creating tension. 

“Triangle of Sadness”

This film focuses on a cruise ship hosting a group of super rich passengers. The ship sinks and leaves them stuck on an island. It stars Charlbi Dean Kriek, Harris Dickinson, and Woody Harrelson.

“Women Talking”

This film covers the heaviest topic of the films nominated. It is a story about women in a religious colony that are struggling with their faith after facing sexual assaults. The story is based on a real event that has been fictionalized for the purpose of storytelling. Director Sarah Polley approaches the movie with such care and sensitivity that audiences will be deeply affected by its plot and message. 

This year has one of the best lineups for Best Picture in recent years. There are so many films worth celebrating and it is amazing that all of these get to be highlighted in such a unique way. Whichever film wins will be well deserving of the award.