“Magic Mike XXL: The Full Package” Delivers More Than Just Eye Candy!


The official poster for the final movie of the popular trilogy of “Magic Mike.” The movie starred Channing Tatum who reprised his role from the first and second films and Salma Hayek who was the main love interest.

By Nataly Behnia, Internal Communications Manager

There is only one type of movie that can bring everyone together and that is “Magic Mike.” The first “Magic Mike” film was released in 2012, and then the second one came out in 2015. Everyone thought that was the end of Magic Mike until the release of “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” on Feb. 9.  

The movie trilogy focuses on a group of men who pursue exotic dance careers in order to make money. The movie stars Channing Tatum as Mike and also consists of other A-list celebrities such as Joe Manganiello and Matthew McConaughey. 

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” focuses on Max (Salma Hayek) who meets Mike as he is bartending and sees something special in him. She takes Mike to London where they put on a show of male dancers and one woman to display the power of women. 

While the first two movies of the trilogy were more about the men dancing for themselves and their financial difficulties, the newest movie focuses on women empowerment, how women feel and the idea of knowing what one wants but never getting it. 

The chemistry between  Tatum and Hayak truly made the viewers believe it was an empowering story about a man who would do anything to make the women he loves feel empowered. 

Although many say that the “Magic Mike” trilogy is just about male dancers and has no real plot, the movies focus on real-life issues like economic insecurity and women in power who are not respected. 

The earlier movies consisted of men dancing but in“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” women danced and, in fact, were the lead in some performances. As the characters are planning for the performance by practicing the dances , Max encounters licensing issues which puts the show in Jeopardy. 

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is very much relevant to modern day. In 2023 there are a lot of women not only in the U.S. but all around the world advocating for women’s rights and gender equality. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” not only empowers women but also entertains the audience with steamy dancing and scenes of Channing Tatum shirtless.