The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

As assignments pile up and the end of the school year is near, productivity is on a steep decline as procrastination is skyrocketing for many students at WCHS. Flexible deadlines can give students the time they need to catch up with their work in healthy ways.

Accuracy or speed? Deadlines prove to be unhelpful

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager May 8, 2022

Upon first glance, strict deadlines can be great motivators for productivity, over a long period of time, however, can they prevent students from developing good work habits? Preceding the COVID-19...

To all those looking for romantic advice, this new column from the Love Doctors themselves is sure to prove useful!

Dear Observer romance gurus,

By Ela Jalil and Nur Yavuz April 4, 2022

Dear Observer Romance Gurus, I’ve liked this person for a long time but they’ve never seemed to notice me. We only pass each other in the hallways at school, but those are the best 20 seconds of...

Gas prices across the country and globe are taking a turn for the sky. The gas station next to the Cabin John Mall Shopping Center, seemingly deserted on a gloomy day.

Rising gas prices fuelled by war

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager March 28, 2022

Gas prices have already been on the incline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and are only increasing exponentially as a result of geopolitical tension and domestic inflation. Russia, being in the top three...

Review books are extremely helpful in preparing for the SAT, and with new changes to the standardized test, success rates for good scores are more likely.

SAT introduces a digital option for future exams

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager March 17, 2022

A crucial part of the college application process before the emergence of a global pandemic is transforming to be unrecognizable from its previous design. New changes to the SAT have taken a turn for the...

Staying on top of assignments can be difficult especially with a heavy workload and tons of coursework. One way to ease the stress of time management is using organizational apps meant to create good study habits and stay focused during work.

Want the ‘Notion’ to be organized? Check out these apps

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager February 13, 2022

As technology advances along with the new generation of students, organizational apps for students are on the incline. Just like how many job and college applications have mass transferred from paper to...

All students must carry blue passes in the halls as a requirement of the new hall pass system under 2021 administration.

WCHS debuts hallway passes making students blue

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager December 21, 2021

For a long time at WCHS, it was virtually impossible to see empty hallways, whether students or staff were occupying them. Now, administrators have implemented a new technique to limit the spread of COVID-19,...

It is unclear how long the mask mandate will last in MOCO as well as in MCPS. Until then, we must get adjusted to life with medical masks.

Mask mandate should remain until COVID-19 is over

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager December 1, 2021

Effective on Oct. 28, 2021, Montgomery County suspended its mask mandate for places available to the public. Approaching winter months, was lifting the mandate the smartest decision in the first place? MOCO...

Travis Scott’s encouragement of recklessness and dangerous acts in his crowds result in hundreds of injuries, starting from his Rodeo Tour in 2015.

Astroworld tragedy sparks questions on concert safety

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager December 1, 2021

What could have been one of the most influential and iconic festivals in the music industry became ranked alongside the most deadly concerts in U.S. history.  The tragic debut of Travis Scott’s Astroworld...

A WCHS staff member monitors the front doors by the Bulldog Lobby out into the bus loop to make sure that only seniors who show their lunch passes are eligible to leave at lunch.

WCHS opens a door to new teacher responsibilities

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager October 26, 2021

WCHS staff guarding exterior doors before school and during lunch left many questions up in the air regarding the COVID-19 in-person learning plan, and was not a detail that was overlooked by students....

A vaccine mandate for all universities, public and private, will save the U.S. billions of dollars, and speed up the process for return to complete in-person instruction.

Colleges should have vaccine mandates

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager June 4, 2021

As the vaccine rollout continues throughout the US, and the school year comes to a close, colleges are beginning to require vaccination for their first year students in the fall of 2021. Along with mask...

As a person who loves to travel and spend time with loved ones, Bartlebaugh does not let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of finding creative solutions to spending free time.

TOTM: Riley Bartlebaugh

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager May 7, 2021

Despite beginning their first year at WCHS online, Riley Bartlebaugh has made their positive and lively presence widely known among AP language and composition students. Known as Mx. B to their students,...

The hallways and stairwells of WCHS have been marked with arrows to guide students and staff in the safest manner possible when reopening begins.

Returning to school poses a greater risk than reward

By Nur Yavuz, Features Editor March 8, 2021

COVID-19 continues to unleash its wrath upon the globe, affecting millions of jobs and the education of our youth. One year has passed since the start of the country’s fight with the pandemic, marking...

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