WCHS opens a door to new teacher responsibilities


Photo by Nur Yavuz.

A WCHS staff member monitors the front doors by the Bulldog Lobby out into the bus loop to make sure that only seniors who show their lunch passes are eligible to leave at lunch.

By Nur Yavuz, Social Media Manager

WCHS staff guarding exterior doors before school and during lunch left many questions up in the air regarding the COVID-19 in-person learning plan, and was not a detail that was overlooked by students. Since the first day of the 2021-2022 school year, it has not been difficult to spot one of the new safety protocols for all WCHS students.

Teachers and staff now participate in shifts (also known as ‘door duty’) to monitor individuals who leave campus during the lunch period and enforce that only seniors with permitted lunch passes can do so. 

“I was not surprised [with the new policy] because with everything that’s going on, everybody has to pitch in,” WCHS AP Literature and Composition teacher Amy Malone said. 

Prior to the start of the school year, forms were provided to staff to pick their preferences for their shifts. Included in the form were options for ensuring students were wearing masks as they entered the building in the morning, as well as afternoon or after-school shifts required at least once a week. 

“I don’t mind that seniors are the only ones that can leave for lunch considering I’m a senior, but I also used to leave for lunch freshman and sophomore year too, so I feel kinda bad that the rest of the student body won’t be able to experience that,” senior Mariam Coulibaly said. 

Seniors are only allowed to leave the campus strictly with the physical school-approved bright green pass, which could give seniors trouble if they lose or forget their pass.

“Any time you have new policies come into play there is a transition time, so you do have to allow for verification, and for things to clarify,” Malone said. 

Exterior campus is not the only available outdoor seating options for juniors and other underclassmen. Courtyards near rooms 124, 155 and the Health Room have plenty of tables and seats for students to utilize during lunch. 

“The only thing I would change about the policy would be to have a more convenient way to access our passes,” senior Lillian Zhu said. “A tag, special rope, banner, or string that we could tie to our backpacks would make it easier for both teachers to identify, and students to display.”

It is clear that the new WCHS administration is taking steps to prioritize the safety of all students. Maintaining who gets to leave and enter the building is a vital community effort that helps to allow safe in-person education.

“It isn’t just teachers that are helping keep the policy in place, as Mr. Taylor is constantly involved in our community,” Malone said. “It really just is a team effort, and everybody has to do their part.”