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Unique gifts boosts teachers’ spirits

Mr. Antonucci stands in his office holding his gift of a Peppa Pig and the soysauce while he is surrounded by the written cards all over the walls.

By Cherri Tung, Arts Editor

January 5, 2020

Each year students struggle with finding the ideal gift for others. They browse the web and wander into stores at the mall in hopes of finding the perfect present whether it be for a friend or a teacher. They cannot be cliche or boring, but what about crazy? Often times teachers receive the craziest...

Give the gift of time and service this season

The holidays aren't all about new sweaters and toys.  They are about charity, too.

By Emiliana Cardinale and Eugenia Cardinale

December 22, 2014

As the weather becomes chillier and everyone is filled with holiday cheer, let’s not forget that this is the best time of year to give back and volunteer. “The spirit of the season is to do things for other people,” SSL coordinator Wendy Tilles said. “Giving back is a great way to bring the...

Students say ‘Thanks’ with presents, homemade gifts

Students say 'Thanks' with presents, homemade gifts

By Arielle Gordon, Staff Writer

May 30, 2014

The end of a school year means excitement and celebration for students. However, in their rush for summer vacation, they should not forget to appreciate all that their teachers have done throughout the year. Showing appreciation for a teacher does not have to mean spending an entire wallet full of...

A very merry ‘Observer’ gift-giving guide

By Brittany Goodman, News Editor

January 8, 2014

For those of you on the nice list or trying to get off the naughty list, here are a few gift ideas that will bring as much joy as Santa receives from eating cookies from all over the world. If you are having trouble making a list and checking it twice, here is a list with lots of sugar and spice. 1....

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