The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

The Observer

WCHS teachers Brian Ostry and Curtis Hart-Southworth fight each other as security guard JT breaks them up.

Ostry and Hart-Southworth brawl over interns

By Kendyl Groisser and Sneha David April 4, 2024

WCHS technology teacher  Justin Ostry has strongly encouraged his students to take the internship class, yet he recently came to the realization that most seniors are taking double math classes. A common...

WCHS Multivariable Calc students taking their final exam administered by UMD.

Final exams are necessary for students

By Sneha David, Online Content Editor March 7, 2024

As high school becomes more competitive, the debate over the necessity of final exams in high schools rages on. Because MCPS got rid of final exams, however, many students now lack the skills to take exams...

Cookie Mug Hangers, Dark Chocolate Stars, Peppermint Cremes, and Mini Peppermint Meringues are some of Trader Joes popular seasonal treats.

Yule love this: Trader Joe’s Seasonal Snacks

By Sneha David and Claire Moylan, Online Content Editor and Assistant Features Editor and Photo Manager December 18, 2023

A new season approaching can only mean one thing: a Trader Joe’s seasonal drop. Flavors of peppermint, chocolate and gingerbread line the shelves of every Trader Joe’s as excitement builds for the...

Many WCHS seniors spend their classtime working on their college applications rather than taking notes and paying attention.

Teachers can ease college application stress for seniors

By Sneha David, Online Managing Editor November 17, 2023

As high school seniors embark on their final year, the journey to college approaches. It is a time filled with hope, excitement and, often, a crushing amount of stress. Moreover, the stressors seniors...

WCHS senior Kira Bernstein checks into the main office per the new attendance rules. Now, attendance is handled in the main office instead of the previous attendance office.

Don’t skip this one: WCHS updates the attendance policies

By Sneha David, Online Content Editor October 18, 2023

At any MCPS classroom at this moment, there would be empty seats. However, these seats have increased in the past two years, causing alarm among the MCPS community. As schools across the county have...

One of the ways one can celebrate Pride Month is the national pride parade, which takes place on June 10th.

Five ways to learn about and celebrate Pride

By Sneha David, Online Content Editor June 8, 2023

Pride Month, observed every June, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in various ways, promoting messages of love, acceptance and equality. Being so close to the nation’s capital, there are different ways...

Members of Midnight Writers pose after their end of year celebration  on May 19th.

Midnight Writers: WCHS’ unofficial literary magazine

By Sneha David, Online Content Editor May 23, 2023

Whether your passion is sports, math, science or english, WCHS has a club for just about everyone. One of WCHS’ clubs, Midnight Writers allows students to be able to write work of their choice, without...

A new pop-up Nobu has been added where students will be able to purchase the newest addition to WCHS cafeteria. Here they will be able to enjoy the cheap - but enjoyable - sushi this store has to offer.

Celebrity favorite Nobu comes to WCHS cafeteria

By Sneha David and Kendyl Groisser May 20, 2023

In an exciting development for WCHS students, Nobu founder Nobu Matsuhisa announced that the high-end Japanese restaurant will be coming to WCHS’ cafeteria in the near future. Matsuhisa, famous for his...

WCHS junior Hallie Muniez running the 5k at cross country states where she  placed 15th.

Athlete of the month: Hallie Muniz

May 15, 2023

Running cross country after moving across the country, WCHS junior Hallie Muniz has become an important member of WCHS’ cross country and track teams. Although this is her first year running for WCHS,...

Dimitiri Moshovitis, the chef and co-founder of Cava came to talk to WCHS culinary club about his experience in the culinary industry and the process of opening a business.

Take a bite of the Culinary Club’s latest craving

By Sneha David, Assistant Online Editor March 28, 2023

From salads to bowls and wraps, Cava—a Mediterranean fast casual restaurant chain—seems to have just about every option while still remaining healthy and convenient. Cava has locations all across the...

A broken water fountain at WCHS gets taken out of service after being covered in scotch tape and a plastic water bottle.

School in need of repairs while soap thieves sink to new low

By Isar Uslu, Staff Writer March 28, 2023

Broken water fountains. Broken sinks. Stolen soap dispensers. HVAC that is scorching hot in some rooms and freezing cold in others. WCHS students face infrastructure issues everyday. But despite the frustration...

Using the MCPS Stronger Student app, students are able to access various mental health resources through their phone.

Stronger app provides a new outlet to express issues

By Sneha David, Assistant Online Editor March 28, 2023

In the past five years, MCPS has taken many new initiatives to improve students’ wellness, whether it be through programs implemented in the classroom or online resources. Partnering with past Montgomery...

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