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Teachers can ease college application stress for seniors

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Many WCHS seniors spend their classtime working on their college applications rather than taking notes and paying attention.

As high school seniors embark on their final year, the journey to college approaches. It is a time filled with hope, excitement and, often, a crushing amount of stress. Moreover, the stressors seniors face, including standardized tests, coursework, extracurricular commitments and college applications, often reach their peak during the first few months of senior year.

The first few months of senior year are filled with opportunities to prepare for application season by exploring potential schools, writing essays and meeting deadlines. However, as students go back to school, teachers do not hesitate to schedule important tests, assignments and projects for seniors. The timing is less than ideal, as these academic demands can overwhelm students and hinder their ability to put their best foot forward in the college application process.

High school seniors are expected to juggle many different responsibilities: maintaining good grades, participating in extracurricular activities and even taking their standardized tests, all while researching and applying to colleges. It is a lot to handle, and students may feel that they can not meet early action deadlines, preventing them from gaining scholarships and affecting their chances of getting into certain schools. When teachers assign an extreme amount of tests and heavy coursework during the application season, students struggle to balance being a student with applying for college.

One potential solution to alleviate the academic burden on high school seniors during the college application season is to adjust the scheduling of tests. Teachers in different departments can work together to ensure that major tests are not as frequent in senior classes during application season, especially around the major deadlines of October 15th and November 1st. By staggering test dates, students can focus on their college applications without the added stress of multiple testing obligations. This approach would not only ease students’ anxiety but also allow them to perform at their best on these crucial assessments, benefiting both their applications and their overall academic success.

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Additionally, teachers should consider the timing of major assignments and projects. By delaying these tasks or finding opportunities to complete them at less stressful times of the academic year, teachers can provide students with the breathing room needed to dedicate their full attention to the college application process. When assignments and projects are spaced more evenly throughout the year, students can better manage their time and energy, making it possible to craft thoughtful and competitive college applications. This approach supports students in achieving their academic goals while ensuring they do not sacrifice their future for short-term academic demands.

Because of these factors, while it is not possible to completely eliminate the amount of coursework, especially in AP classes, WCHS should create different deadlines for assignments for seniors. Having assignment and application deadlines so close together can cause stress and students may fail to complete their assignments, ultimately harming their grade.

Creating a supportive environment in high schools is crucial to addressing the challenges that seniors face during the college application season. WCHS can establish platforms for open communication between students and teachers, allowing them to voice their concerns and collaborate on developing more balanced academic plans.This can help alleviate stress for students, reinforcing the idea that high school should not be a source of stress, but prepare students for college. Students can work with teachers to find reasonable solutions to meet academic goals without compromising their well-being.

Seniors are at a crucial stage of their lives and making important decisions about their future; they should be encouraged and supported during this time, not overwhelmed by extreme amounts of tests and coursework. Teachers should ease the burden on students by reevaluating the timing of assignments and tests, creating a more balanced and manageable workload during the college application season.



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