Midnight Writers: WCHS’ unofficial literary magazine


Photo courtesy of @wchs_midnight_writers on instagram

Members of Midnight Writers pose after their end of year celebration on May 19th.

By Sneha David, Online Content Editor

Whether your passion is sports, math, science or english, WCHS has a club for just about everyone. One of WCHS’ clubs, Midnight Writers allows students to be able to write work of their choice, without the pressure of getting a certain grade.

“Midnight Writers is a club that was founded in 2011 at Churchill—back when we didn’t have an official school literary magazine,” club co-president Ilayda Dogan said. “The club takes anonymous submissions of student art and writing and publishes them in a magazine monthly on issuu.com. We also have print copies of the magazines in the Media Center.”

Midnight Writers was created in order to allow people to have a safe space to share their art. It is an inclusive space where members support each other and are willing to read each other’s art. It has created a space where like-minded individuals can share their passions together.

“I personally joined as a freshman because I really liked drawing and wanted a place to put my art out there!” club co-president Faith Zhang said. “Little did I know that the Midnight Writers community was a big bonus, as everyone is so friendly and passionate about what they do.”

Many students feel pressured to live up to teachers expectations and get a good grade. Midnight Writers allows students to publish their work without the stress of getting a certain grade. It allows students to become confident in their writing and helps them be able to share their work.

“My favorite part about this club is the wonderful, supportive community it fosters—and the excellent sense of humor we share,” said Dogan. “This club encouraged me to write more often and gave me the confidence to submit my pieces to our school’s annual literary magazine and external competitions such as the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. It’s a lovely community and a very fun place to be.”

Presidents Dogan and Zhang have been members of the club since their freshman year. However, the club has undergone many changes since then, many which happened after Covid-19. While there is now an official literary magazine class, the presidents hope that more people choose to join the club to share their work outside of the classroom.

“I really want to bring back the size of the club,” said Zhang. “Midnight Writers used to have many many members, different websites and promo methods, and even a bank account for various things. COVID almost killed the club, and even now we are still trying to bounce back.”

Midnight Writers is a must-join club for those who want to be able to share their creativity in a safe, yet fun space. With their monthly meetings, Midnight Writers fosters a loving and safe environment for aspiring writers.
“Joining Midnight Writers gives people a chance to share their writing and art with a very cool crowd and build up their confidence as creatives!” said Dogan. “It’s also a very relaxed, chill space that is excellent for end-of-the-week Friday vibes. Hope to see you there!”