Celebrity favorite Nobu comes to WCHS cafeteria


Photo by Kendyl Groisser

A new pop-up Nobu has been added where students will be able to purchase the newest addition to WCHS’ cafeteria. Here they will be able to enjoy the cheap – but enjoyable – sushi this store has to offer.

By Sneha David and Kendyl Groisser

In an exciting development for WCHS students, Nobu founder Nobu Matsuhisa announced that the high-end Japanese restaurant will be coming to WCHS’ cafeteria in the near future. Matsuhisa, famous for his innovative culinary creations, has been a leader in the food industry for decades. His restaurant is a favorite among celebrities all over the country such as Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus and James Cordon.

WCHS students have been complaining about the lack of nutrition and flavor in the current cafeteria food for years. With this new cuisine, students will be able to choose from a numerous selection of different types of sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri. Students will also get the option to get a side of ginger and wasabi as well as soy sauce packets, all for the cheap price of $500.

“We want to bring our delicious and healthy food to as many people as possible,” Matsuhisa said. “What’s a better way to do that than to bring our sushi to WCHS? I am so excited to open a new branch of Nobu right here at WCHS.”

The new school cafeteria is going to feature a variety of menu items, including sushi, ramen and other traditional Japanese dishes. Prices are going to be affordable for all students so that they can enjoy a yummy yet cheap lunch every single day.

“We know that cost is a concern for many families, so we will be working to keep our prices reasonable,” Matsuhisa said. “Students will likely pay anywhere from $400-$1000 per meal. How cheap!”

The goal of Nobu opening at WCHS is to introduce students to a new and different type of cuisine that could have a positive impact on their overall health, well-being and student morale. The current food in the cafeteria is not doing that, in fact, students are upset with the current food being served.

“We want to help students develop a love of food and a taste for different flavors and textures,” Matsuhisa said. “No student wants those bland chicken sandwiches during lunch, it is time for them to taste real flavor.”

Students are ecstatic by the news of Nobu opening in the cafeteria. They have been waiting for great food options ever since they shut down the vending machines during lunch. 

“First WCHS serves us the most horrible food ever,” Student ID #123094 said. “Lunch absolutely sucks and on top of that, I can’t even buy Cheetos from the vending machine. I have to buy healthy whole-grain pop-tarts instead, I’m so sick of it. Thank God I’m going to start getting sushi during lunch.”

The Nobu opening in the cafeteria is not only for students but is entirely open to the public. Anyone who wants to come for sushi can stop by WCHS and grab some food. Since Nobu is a favorite of many celebrities, they too are excited for the new opening.

“I am so excited for the new location of Nobu,” Kendall Jenner said. “WCHS is going to be my stop every single day for lunch so that I can get a quick snack. Hopefully no annoying students bother me, I don’t need more pictures of me on the internet.”

Nobu is set to open on April 2, 2023. Many students, parents and teachers have long anticipated this arrival. 

“I for one can not wait to get sushi every single day at school,” Student ID #102239 said. “This is something that WCHS should have added a long time ago. Hopefully, after Nobu more restaurants will expand to WCHS.”