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Chipotle comes to Village

Ask teenagers what their favorite chain restaurant is, and they’re bound to answer “Chipotle.” The perfect complement to the Starbucks Coffee next door, Chipotle Mexican Grill is replacing Chicken Out Rotisserie in Potomac Village this summer. It’s every food-lover’s dream come true.

Founded in 1993 by Steve Ells, Chipotle started out as a small chain of 16 locations in Colorado. It started branching out after McDonald’s Corporation invested in it in 1998 and grew to over 1,600 locations nationwide. The Chipotle craze is spreading like wildfire, and will soon bring its delicious cilantro-lime rice and guacamole to the Potomac neighborhood.

“I go to Chipotle about three times a week,” junior Jason Cho said. “I’m glad it’s replacing Chicken Out because it’s more of a hip place for teenagers to hang out.”

CHS students excitedly tweeted a plethora of pictures of the new Chipotle sign that was put up in April. The same burning question was running through their minds: When will it open?

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According to a Chipotle Customer Service Consultant, the Potomac Village restaurant will open in July if all goes well. Although there is still no exact opening date, this is definitely something to look forward to this summer. It will be open in time for the incoming seniors, who will have another option for open lunch next year. Until then, we will have to keep enjoying Chipotle at its other locations.

“I live close to the Village, so it will be more convenient for me,” Cho said. “Having it open in July is such a long wait.”

Chipotle serves as a haven for food connoisseurs and fast-food lovers alike. It usually only takes a few minutes to create your very own burrito, salad or burrito bowl. You can choose from a variety of all-natural and locally sourced ingredients, all equally appetizing.

“I love Chipotle,” sophomore Emile Ravenet said. “It makes fast food healthy.”

Surprisingly, their food can be low in calories. A simple burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken and lettuce is only 505 calories.

“Let me honestly say, Chipotle is life,” junior Allison Yang said. “Having a Chipotle in the Village means I will be able to go more often.”

Students and staff here at CHS all have their favorites at Chipotle. Some also venture into ordering a “quesarrito,” which, by request, Chipotle employees will make a cheese quesadilla and wrap it around your burrito.

“I usually go to Chipotle five or six times a month, and I have a thing called Chipotle Sundays,” junior Ximena Tellez said.

Four years ago, a group of CHS distance runners created the “Burrito 8-Miler,” which entails running from CHS to the Chipotle on Old Georgetown Rd, eating a burrito with at least four ingredients, and running back to CHS. Social studies teacher Paul Jacobson enjoys participating in it every summer, and currently holds the record time of 56 minutes.

“At Chipotle, I like to order a chicken burrito with brown rice, pinto beans, salsa and cheese,” Jacobson said. “I ran the Burrito 8-Miler after eating a Chipotle burrito and set the record for it two years ago.”

This year, the fifth annual Burrito 8-Miler falls on May 30. Who knows? Maybe by next year the burrito run will be to Potomac Village. Stay patient CHS, because when summer hits Potomac, so will Chipotle.

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Chipotle comes to Village