A perfect place to sip, sit or study: local coffee shops to try


Photo by Kalena Yee

Teamania is a great place to get refreshing milk teas such as coffee milk tea and matcha milk tea.

By Kalena Yee, Arts Editor

Nothing compares to the smell of fresh baked goods, calming music, quiet chatter, and a warm cup of coffee. Whether looking for a place to study, to catch up with friends, take aesthetic Instagram worthy pictures, or just want a change of scenery from Starbucks, here are some local coffee shops and cafes to try.


Rockville, MD

Known for their delectable breads and pastries, this Asian European bakery and cafe proudly displays their assortment of sweet and savory treats at the front counter in clear, accessible cases for customers to help themselves. Besides their mouthwatering baked goods, Teamania also has a wide range of appetizing food available to order including poke bowls, rice noodles and steamed meat buns. For drinks, they offer a variety of coffee and refreshing special tea drinks like dragonfruit tea and lychee blossom milk cap tea. 

As for the atmosphere, the friendly service, cute wall decor, warm toned lights and a hanging collage of polaroid pictures make a welcoming environment suitable for studying, socializing and most importantly the perfect spot to pose for social media. 

Filicori Zecchini 

Potomac, MD

In the mood for authentic Italian coffee? Look no further. Located at Park Potomac, Filicori Zecchini offers great coffee, sandwiches and pastries including spinach feta puff, creme brulee and affogato (gelato topped with espresso).   

The shop offers a general seating area with plenty of seats to hang out and a separate seating area for those who want to be in a more quiet and private area to study. Despite its long and intimidating name, Filicori Zecchini is warm and inviting which makes it an ideal place for a morning outing with friends or family.

Kyoto Matcha 

Rockville, MD

Influenced by Japanese style matcha culture, Kyoto Matcha is a great place for matcha lovers.  Kyoto Matcha offers but is not limited to an extremely diverse selection of matcha flavored desserts including soft serve ice cream, crepe cakes, mochi, lattes, tiramisu and cream puffs. For those whose taste buds are not too keen about matcha, they also offer classic flavored items like vanilla and strawberry or other adventurous flavors like ube and black sesame. 

With its 3-D cherry blossom ceiling decoration, lantern themed lights, wooden furniture and Studio Ghibli mural, Kyoto Matcha earns its rightful place as the most aesthetic cafe on this list. In addition, Kyoto Matcha is physically connected to BoBaPoP Tea Bar, a bubble tea store, so customers have easy access if they are looking for the perfect compliment to their desserts. With its convenient location and cozy vibe, Kyoto Matcha is a must visit cafe. 

Coffee Republic

Rockville, MD

Coffee Republic is described as a classic neighborhood coffee shop, offering various hot and cold beverages, smoothies, sandwiches and salads. For those who want something a little out of their comfort zone, Coffee Republic’s unique specialty lattes include flavors like Morning Buzz (honey and cinnamon), Snickerdoodle (vanilla and cinnamon) and Salty Dog (caramel and sea salt).

Coffee Republic is decorated with colorful international flags on the ceiling and chalkboard messages on the wall. It also has different types of seating surrounding the kitchen of the shop. From counter top stools to low metal chairs and long comfortable couches, there is a seat to suit anyone’s preference. Additionally, the long couch in front of the huge back window with the shop’s logo makes a great place to chat with friends and snap a photo with a cup of coffee in hand. 

Offering quality coffee, service and a cozy atmosphere, Coffee Republic proves itself to be so much more than just your average coffee shop. 

Regardless if one is studying, hanging out with friends or craving a quality cup of coffee, everyone can agree that the relaxing experience of a cafe/coffee shop is like no other.