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“Raincheck” to Bring Back Business to Chipotle

By Madison Hurr, Features Editor February 10, 2016

With the recent nationwide E. coli scare at Chipotle, many customers have been refraining from eating Chipotle burritos. Over 500 people in 13 different states fell ill. Stock values for Chipotle plummeted,...

Chipotle partnered with delivery service Postmates, but does not yet deliver to the Potomac area.

Chipotle announces delivery, no more GMOs

By Sara Heimlich, Public Relations and Social Media Manager May 27, 2015

There’s only one thing better than Chipotle— GMO-free Chipotle at your doorstep. On April 22, Chipotle announced its partnership with Postmates, a food delivery service that delivers food from a...

Class of 2017 holds Chipotle fundraiser

By Eugenia Cardinale September 9, 2014

The Class of 2017 held a fundraiser at Chipotle in the Potomac Village from 6 to 9 p.m. Sept. 2. Many people came to support the Class of 2017, raising $1737.88 for the class. “It was so incredible...

Chipotle comes to Village

By Madison Hurr, Arts Editor May 30, 2014

Ask teenagers what their favorite chain restaurant is, and they’re bound to answer “Chipotle.” The perfect complement to the Starbucks Coffee next door, Chipotle Mexican Grill is replacing Chicken...

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