I scream, you scream, we all want…some ice cream!


Photo by Rachel Mattison

On a hot summer day, a scoop of Key Lime Key West from Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream is sure to cool any WCHS student down.

By Rachel Mattison, Online Editor-in-Chief

As the weather warms, people’s sweat drips, and so do their ice cream cones. While most local ice cream shops are open all year long, as people spend more time outside during the summer months, ice cream stores flood with customers who need a sweet treat to cool them down

Most ice cream shops begin to get a preview of the “summer” rush during weekends in the spring. When the weather begins to warm up, people who experienced a winter ice cream hibernation have their treat senses tingle and head to shops. 

“With the warmer winter weather this year, the shop never got as slow as it typically does, but there has definitely been an enormous uptick in customers recently,” Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream employee and WCHS senior Rachel Burkett said. “A lot of kids will come after their sports games on weekends, which makes us super busy.”

As the spring turns to summer, shops get even busier with kids off of school. The summer heat leads to shops with lines out of their doors and employees scooping as fast as they can. 

“During swim season in the summer, I love to go get ice cream with my teammates after practices and meets,” WCHS senior Candela Lespada said. “Ice cream is our go-to way to not only celebrate accomplishments and wins, but also just hang out with each other.”

Locally, there are many different places where one can find a sweet treat. Ranging from traditional ice cream shops to ones that have taken their own twist, everyone can discover their own favorite place this summer. For someone looking for recommendations, these are some go-to places.

Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream

Founded in 2019 by a mother-daughter duo, “Sarah’s” (as it is commonly referred to) has two locations for their ice cream to be enjoyed at. Most WCHS students will find themselves closer to the one at Wildwood shopping center, where they can choose from 40 unique flavors. They have a rotating menu that allows customers to constantly switch up their order with new seasonal flavors such as Cherry Blossom Festival or Key Lime Key West, or customers can stick to fan favorites on the base menu such as the best selling Oreo Lover. The store offers seating options indoors and outdoors for customers to enjoy their ice cream, and has a friendly environment. 

Carmen’s Italian Ice

Carmen’s Italian Ice has been a local staple for 22 years, serving up custard and flavored ices. Many customers opt to get a “gelati,” which has both custard and ice in it. The mix of the smooth ice cream and refreshing ice work together for a winning combination. For those looking for something decadent, the Brownie Fall Gelati is definitely worth a try. A warm brownie is layered with custard to create this mouth-watering dessert. In addition, Carmen’s chooses two names each day and customers with those names receive a free small gelati, so make sure to follow them on social media to know what the “Name of the Day” is. 

The Scoop

The Scoop is a relatively new ice cream establishment located in Cabin John Village. The shop has a sleek white design that allows customers to enjoy a modern vibe. Plus, the store was founded by two brothers who are both WCHS alumni. The Scoop makes all of its ice creams in small batches and tries to only use natural ingredients. In addition to offering classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla, they utilize unconventional ingredients in their ice creams such as maple and Animal crackers. 


In downtown Bethesda, Yogitopi’s multicolored orb lights hang down and illuminate the frozen yogurt store. With eight different flavors, and then the added ability to swirl flavors as well, Yogitopi offers a variety of bases for customers looking for an alternative treat. As compared to ice cream shops where an employee scoops for customers, Yogitopi customers are able to fill their own bowls with however much frozen yogurt they would like. Then there is a topping station that allows customers to fully customize their creations with what they would like. Instead of paying by the scoop, at Yogitopi pricing is by weight. Frozen yogurt can often be a great alternative to ice cream since it is not as creamy and has a lighter taste. 


Recently renovated, Sprinkles has changed ownership a few times over the years, but the shop at Potomac Village will always remain a great place to grab a scoop with friends and be filled with nostalgia. In addition to just offering ice cream, the shop also has frozen yogurt, donuts, ice cream pies, ice cream sandwiches, donuts and more. Since the shop is open until 10 p.m, students can go after sports games or late at night on the weekends to satisfy any ice cream cravings they have. Given that the shop has been open since 1989, it is a place that many grew up going to and have a childhood of ice cream memories at. 

The WCHS community has many fantastic ice cream shops where students can stop by to grab a scoop. This summer is a great opportunity to bring a friend and try out a new place or flavor. That is the power of ice cream: its ability to bring people together and lift moods.