Plane Crash-Lands in San Francisco


Around 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash-landed at San Francisco International Airport, killing two passengers and injuring 182 others on July 6.

By Sammi Silber, Observations Editor

A Boeing 777 plane carrying 291 passengers 16 staff crashed as it landed in San Francisco International Airport on July 6.


Asiana Airlines flight 214, the flight that crashed, was traveling to the U.S. from Seoul, South Korea, when it crash-landed around 2:30 p.m.  Two teenage girl passengers died, while 182 other passengers and crew were injured.


According to CNN, air traffic control audio proposed that the airport’s tower knew there was a problem sent emergency personnel to help injured passengers and staff after the crash.


The impact caused huge smoke clouds to emerge from the crash sight, and some passengers were able to navigate through the smoke and run to safety without any injuries.  Those who were injured were treated at nearby hospitals, where 49 passengers were reported to be in serious condition.


According to the New York Times website, Saturday’s crash is the first plane crash that has occurred in four and a half years, the last one crashing at Buffalo International Airport.


Asiana Airlines is a Korean Airline that was first established in 1988.  The airline was named Airline of the Year by the Glober in 2011, and this is the first major problem that the airline has had since its debut 25 years ago.


Mayor Edwin Lee, the mayor of San Francisco, held a press conference and said all 307 passengers and crew aboard flight 214 were accounted for and the death toll is up to two passengers.


CHS students were astonished and saddened by the crash.  Junior Caryn Pasking was not only scared when she heard about the crash, but she thinking first about the passengers and crew aboard the flight.


“I definitely felt very worried for the people on the flight when I first heard about the crash,” Pasking said.  “I can’t possibly imagine what the victims had just experienced.”


The cause of the crash is not yet known, with speculation of the cause ranging from plane malfunctions to justifications about the plane flying too low.  According to USA Today, it is too early to say whether or not pilot error was the cause of the crash, and that finding the true cause of the crash could take years.