Feeling too kool for skhool? There’s a pool


Photo by Michael Demske

Helicopter footage captured a never before seen image of the roof of WCHS. The pool on the third floor was always rumored to be there, but now its presence is confirmed.

By Michael Demske, Pays To Be On The Front Page

Yes, the rumors are true, the pool on the third floor exists. Over the years, the WCHS pool has secretly become a prime destination for faculty recreational activities. There is no wonder why every teacher wants to work at WCHS and substitutes keep coming back! 

Located above the stairwell, in the janitor’s closet, by the media center, the “Blue Egg” boasts an ovular, dome-shaped underbelly and rich, blue, salt water. Once the best-kept covert in the county, the Senior Director of Operations at the Blue Egg, Enrique Salvatore, asked the Observer to break the news to the public as the effects of overuse have started to set in.

“After careful consideration, we thought now would be the best time to let the students know about the Blue Egg,” Salvatore said. “With the current situation that is occurring within the confines of the pool, it would have gotten out eventually.”

The situation Salvatore refers to is the many cracks found in the bottom and side of the pool’s foundation. Built in 1964, with the school, the pool withstood many school expansions, renovations and a major storm. Not invincible to father time, however, many leaks were found in and around the second floor.

“We tried everything from flex tape to concrete fillers,” Salvatore said. “It got to the point where we had to drain the pool in the middle of the night so no more water would leak.”

This may explain the fluctuation of the school’s temperature as the air conditioning and heating systems overcompensated for the heat of the leaking water. More concerning to teachers may be the renovations planned for the Blue Egg in the upcoming year.

“We are really excited for the next chapter of the Blue Egg,” Salvatore said. “What once was a place for teachers and administrators to enjoy their free time, will be a place for students to relax from the rigors of the school day.”

With the Blue Egg’s identity revealed, Salvatore wants to expand on the Blue Egg and make it an iconic WCHS landmark. There are plans to open a cafe, a hot tub and other amenities that one would find at a spa. While students have not yet been informed of the pool’s existence, WCHS teachers have, and are not happy. The pool was a main drawing point to teach at WCHS, and without it, many may leave. Social Studies teacher Evan Rosenthal is one of many enraged teachers who do not support these changes.

“I am absolutely mortified, to say the least,” Rosenthal said. “I teach in the portables where the temperature of my classroom always fluctuates. When I go up to the Blue Egg and pop open a can of soda, the temperature seems just right.”

Salvatore knew the teachers would not be happy, but realized the time had come to make the change. Unlike the plans for the new and improved Blue Egg, the opening date is still a little unclear. Construction is set to begin on June 18 and is set to last through 2024. Until then, all summer, and after-school programs will be moved to the local Wootton High School.

“I am so excited for the students because they deserve a place to relax when they need it,” Salvatore said. “Everyone should stay tuned for more updates and information regarding the Blue Egg’s renovation.”