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Seniors begin Beach Week diet three months early

Seniors begin Beach Week diet three months early
February 24, 2014

During the week following graduation, traditionally called Beach Week, seniors from across the county flock to nearby sandy shores to catch some rays, hang out with friends and most importantly, celebrate...

To regift, return or donate? That is the question

To regift, return or donate? That is the question
January 2, 2014

Everyone has had the experience of opening up a perfectly–wrapped present to discover something that they don’t find appealing at all. It is with this in mind that the Observer presents with you its...

‘Auntie Mame’ Premieres this Weekend

'Auntie Mame' Premieres this Weekend
November 15, 2013

Hold onto your flapper dresses and pearls because the CHS Drama Department will be taking us back to the 1920’s with its production of Auntie Mame this weekend. The show will be playing in the Bish...

Let’s Get Down to Business

October 1, 2013

The CHS student body is unstoppable.  From selling cookies to teaching Zumba classes, students know how to turn a simple idea into a moneymaking machine. Thanks to the rise of social media and the ease...

What’s Trending This Month

September 25, 2013

  This website features a variety of entertaining social content on topics such as celebrities, food and DIY projects. The hysterical articles, lists and videos on Buzzfeed have people sharing...

CHS Students Remember 9/11

CHS Students Remember 9/11
September 11, 2013

Today marks the twelfth anniversary of one of the most tragic events our country has experienced.  On this day, 12 years ago, four jet planes were hijacked by terrorists who attacked the New York World...

Reality show reveals Ke$ha’s true, glittering colors

Reality show reveals Ke$ha’s true, glittering colors
May 23, 2013

You probably know her best for waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy or constantly rocking absurd amounts of glitter, but in her new show My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha reveals her softer side...

Students flaunt, celebrate unique hairstyles

Students flaunt, celebrate unique hairstyles
April 30, 2013

 In honor of a glorious and rather underrated holiday, Hairstyle Appreciation Day on April 30, the Observer has scoured the school in search of the best and coolest hairdos around.  From long luscious...

What’s Trending This Month

What's Trending This Month
April 29, 2013

Vine: On this new social media app, users create short, looping videos, or GIFs, with a few taps of the finger. Videos can be shared on Twitter or Facebook, and similar to Instagram, people can follow...

Metal detectors necessary for school safety

MCPS has initiated $9 million security system upgrade.
September 25, 2012

How many students at CHS would expect to hear a gunshot in the cafeteria?  How many would expect a violent and potentially fatal event to happen on their first day of school? The students at Perry Hall...

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