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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Students flaunt, celebrate unique hairstyles

 In honor of a glorious and rather underrated holiday, Hairstyle Appreciation Day on April 30, the Observer has scoured the school in search of the best and coolest hairdos around.  From long luscious locks to chopped-up tresses, CHS is chock-full of awesome hair.

Senior Amanda Lotwin can be easily identified from a rear view simply by her gorgeous red curls.  Lotwin is known around town for her wild mane.

“People know my hair before they know me,” Lotwin said.

Although she rocks her ‘do on a daily basis, she admits that the upkeep can be demanding.

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“It’s very difficult to manage,” Lotwin said.  “I have a whole process.  I used to not like my hair, but I’ve come to terms with it.  I’ve thought about changing it−highlighting it or getting it permanently straightened− but I wouldn’t look like myself.”

Power couple Devon Fielding and Bobby Chang both work their rocker hairstyles.  On and off stage, the pair attracts major attention with their cool cuts and colors.  Fielding, whose hair used to be long and brown, loves her new blonde pixie cut.

“I can express myself most through my hair,” Fielding said.  “It’s really the only thing I can change about my appearance.”

While the look is definitely unique, Fielding tries to keep her hair tame for job purposes.

“You have to walk the line between professional and casual because you want to see someone professional and not be embarrassed about the way you look,” Fielding said.

Chang also wears a uniquely cool hairstyle and has been dying his hair since sixth grade.

According to Chang, his hair is “close to being a Mohawk without shaving the sides.”

“I think the blonde is a really good contrast with the black,” Chang said.  “It’s not too outrageous, but people know me for it.  Often people will come up and ruffle my mane randomly.”

Ombré hair has been a popular style that more adventurous ladies sport.  The look is easily obtained by either dipping the ends of the hair in a colored dye or bleach or by layering gradually lighter shades of the desired color over the hair.

Junior Ivy Yen loves the fun vibe and low maintenance of the hairstyle.

“My sister wanted to do something cool with her hair and she wanted me to do it with her,” Yen said.  “I wouldn’t do something crazy like this in college, so I thought I would try something new now.”

Junior Michelle Yan, who also wears the ombré look, appreciates the versatility of the hairstyle and plans to keep her hair this way throughout the summer.

“I think it’s cool that you can dye your ends different colors, not just blonde, like pink, purple, blue and green,” Yan said.

From cool colors to crazy cuts, junior Erik Wang roams the halls with half a head of hair.  After sporting a red ‘do, he decided to change it by buzzing off the left side of his hair.

“People call me Skrillex a lot because my hair is uneven,” Wang said.  “I was the ‘Asian with the red hair’ before and now I’m the ‘Asian with the half hair.’”

Junior Maddy Pasco loves to constantly change the color of her tresses.  She has been dying her hair since eighth grade and has learned over time how to do it on her own. Her hair has been red, purple and even rainbow-colored.

“The bright colors make me happy and it’s just something I really love,” Pasco said.  “I’ve always wanted to have dyed hair and now I can do it myself.”

Hair Appreciation Day is the perfect holiday to change your look.  Whether it’s trying out a new color or chopping off some length, updating your hair can be the first step to a new-and-improved you.

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Students flaunt, celebrate unique hairstyles