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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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Let’s Get Down to Business

The CHS student body is unstoppable.  From selling cookies to teaching Zumba classes, students know how to turn a simple idea into a moneymaking machine.

Thanks to the rise of social media and the ease of promoting one’s talents through the Internet, many students have recently chosen to turn their passions into profitable businesses using online publicity.

“Social Media has been awesome because it has made the whole process of promoting and advertising so much easier,” said junior WeiAnne Reidy, who started her own business just months ago.

Reidy has loved arts and crafts since a young age, but only recently took up an interest in fashion design.  Her clothing and accessories brand, Preidy (pronounced “pretty”), offers handmade and customizable items.

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“Each piece is completely made to fit the person who is ordering it, down to the materials and the size,” Reidy said.

The goal of Preidy is to make customers feel good about themselves through affordable and unique fashion that is trendy and chic.  The online webpage,, shows the wide variety of items avavilable for sale, including t-shirts, shorts, shoes, flower accessories and soaps.  Each item costs no more than $30; however, prices vary depending on the amount of customization.

“As for the future, I’m just taking everything as it comes to me,” Reidy said.  “My business has already grown so much in such a short amount of time.  My plan is to just continue what I’ve started.”

Another student with business on the brain is junior Gavi Kaufmann.  After working at a day camp this past summer, she fell in love with teaching Zumba, a Latin-inspired workout dance, and became a certified instructor.

“I am certified in Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold,” Kaufmann said.  “Zumba Basic is the foundation for Zumba, and Zumba Gold is for older active people with specific physical needs.”

Kaufmann is part of ZIN, the Zumba Instructor Network, which allows people all around the world to find instructors in their area.  She teaches Zumba at various youth group events, community centers and congregations.

Those interested in booking Kaufmann for their next event should head to to contact her and find out more about the world of Zumba.

Senior Natasha Ivanina also fell in love with the Latin spice of Zumba, which was introduced to her by her mom, and took classes for two years before becoming an assistant instructor.  She because certified to teach on her own in December 2012.

“Zumba is a wonderful dance workout that everyone enjoys,” Ivanina said.  “It’s not something like lifting weights or doing sit-ups.  You don’t count down those last few reps with your remaining breath and struggle through them. Zumba is fun and very energetic.  Before you know it, you’ve already spent an hour exerting all that energy you came with.”

Ivanina offers Zumba classes to teachers after school at Mill Creek Town Elementary School in Rockville.  While teaching, she likes to incorporate traditional salsa and merengue moves with other dance styles like hip-hop.

She is also a member of the ZIN program, which she believes is a crucial aspect to her success as a Zumba instructor.  Along with allowing local gyms, clubs, and dance studios to contact her for jobs, being a ZIN member has special benefits like selling Zumba merchandise.

Anyone interested in taking a Zumba class by Ivanina should email her at [email protected]

Senior Nick Cohen officially opened his buisness Paddleboard Nick in early June.  Cohen has been paddle boarding since age 8 and decided this past summer that he wanted to put his entrepreneurial skills to the test.

“Starting a paddle board company was obvious to me,” Cohen said.  “I love paddboarding, I love teaching people to paddle, and love the water so I thought, ‘Why not start my own paddle board company?’”

Through his company, Cohen offers paddle boarding lessons to anyone who is interested, no matter their age or size.  He begins his lessons with a tutorial to teach his students about equipment and basic water skills and then moves into the water to teach self-rescue.  Finally, he takes his students to explore islands and coves in the Rehoboth Bay area.

Cohen keeps his websites updated with current videos, pictures and blogs.  Students interested in taking lessons with Paddleboard Nick should visit his main website

Junior Maria Gomez-Bustillo of Baked Goods by Maria developed a knack for baking years ago and finally decided this past summer to create an online webpage to sell her pastries.

“Everybody told me that it was a good idea to start my own business because I already bake so much, and I thought that it would be cool to sell my own products,” Gomez-Bustillo said.

Her company offers a wide range of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bars and brownies, all of which are avaible for pick-up by customers in the area.  Gomez-Bustillo prides herself on offering a huge selection of flavors, with prices ranging from $5 to $25.  From brownie mint cakes and s’mores cupcakes to blueberry cinnamon cookies and rocky road brownies, Baked Goods by Maria bakes treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Gomez-Bustillo also designs personalized cakes, a skill that she acquired from taking decorating courses.

“I try to keep everything well priced so that it is accessible to the community,” Gomez-Bustill said.

Check out her website  at and “like” her Facebook fan page to stay up-to-date on information about all things delicious.

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