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Seniors begin Beach Week diet three months early

During the week following graduation, traditionally called Beach Week, seniors from across the county flock to nearby sandy shores to catch some rays, hang out with friends and most importantly, celebrate their newfound high school freedom.

Every year, prior to this legendary week, many seniors stress about their bodies, going on crash diets and binge-exercising in hopes of achieving a Beyoncé body in just weeks.  This year the trend has taken a leap forward and students are starting to prepare their bodies for the beach months in advance.

“To prepare myself I decided to go to the gym three times a week and change my eating habits,” senior Nathalie Karam said.  “When I go to the gym I usually do half an hour of cardio and about 20 minutes of weightlifting to be toned and fit.”

While some of the seniors are approaching the task individually, others are using friends as moral support by starting group diets and attending exercise classes together.

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According to Frentsos, she and her friends are working together in order achieve their exercise goals.  They are specifically focusing on leg and abdominal moves that will whittle their middles and add definition to their legs.

There’s Still Time

Seniors still have plenty of time to take a healthy approach to getting in shape and looking great.  Last-minute fasts and crazy workout plans are not necessary.

The Observer has some healthy tips for creating a plan that will help seniors and any other students look and feel amazing when it is finally time to hit the beach.

One new workout trend that is perfect for those who want to rock a bikini during beach week is to take classes at Go Figure Barre Studio.  Conveniently located in Park Potomac Place, the studio offers classes that combine pilates, yoga and ballet for an intense yet satisfying workout.

For those who prefer to exercise in the comfort of their own home, there is a huge selection of free exercise videos which can be found on YouTube at the click of a button.  Some particularly health-savvy channels include Lionsgate BeFit, where top exercise gurus share exciting and effective workouts every day of the week, and Blogilates, where two health fanatics demonstrate exercises to target each part of the body and even provide delicious yet nutritious recipes.


Food is Fuel


Along with exercising on a regular basis, incorporating healthy and nutrient-rich foods is an important part of creating and maintaining a sleek silhouette.  Making small changes to your diet can make you look and feel more energized.

A helpful hint is to shop the perimeters of your grocery store instead of the center aisles, as this is where the produce and less-processed foods are generally found.  Fresh fruits and veggies are excellent choices to fuel your body for intense workouts and to provide you with fiber and nutrients while being low in calories and fat-free (except for avocadoes which are full of healthy fats).

“I don’t believe in all those different dieting programs,” senior Hayley Mulhern said.  “I just try to eat healthily, with a balance of the different food groups. “

Many resources are available for finding healthy recipes and diet tricks.  One particularly amazing website,, features a panoply of food and diet information, with everything from low-calorie comfort food recipes to vitamin-packed smoothie suggestions and super food snack ideas.

Listen to Your  Body

Limit portions by eating until your body tells you it is full and munch on foods that make you feel alive and healthy.

Along with all of the excitement, Beach Week also brings a great deal of stress for many seniors with body insecurities.  However, it is important to remember that while exercise and healthy eating is a great start to looking and feeling your best, there is a fine line between wanting to be more healthy and becoming body-obsessed.

“It’s one thing to aim for healthiness and self love but it’s entirely different to excessively push yourself to achieve a generally unrealistic goal,” Mulhern said.

As long as it is done healthily and with smart intentions, prepping for Beach Week early on can actually help seniors achieve greater and more long-lasting results.  Follow our tips, make some changes to your lifestyle, but also appreciate how wonderful and beautiful you are, and you will be on the road to looking and feeling amazing during Beach Week and beyond.  Look out Beach Week, healthy CHS seniors are coming through!

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Seniors begin Beach Week diet three months early