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Thanksgiving recipes good enough to gobble up

Raspberry jam bars are a delicious bite of flavor.

By Jordan Janis and Danielle Kiefer

November 21, 2014

Although many elements go into celebrating Thanksgiving, the one that is most often thought of is food. However, the usual dishes that grace the dining table year after year can start to become boring and repetitive and may lose the appeal that should accompany Thanksgiving dinner. This year, try out...

SGA plans to prove we’ve got spirit, yes we do

SGA plans to prove we've got spirit, yes we do

By Jordan Janis, Online Editor-in-Chief

September 23, 2014

The SGA’s main priority for this year is to increase student spirit, in addition to fundraising for important causes and improving outdated areas of the school. “Our biggest objective for this year is to get more kids involved with school events,” senior vice president Louis Dubick said.  “We...

CHS cluster celebrates Black History Month

CHS cluster celebrates Black History Month

By Jordan Janis, Fact Checker

March 1, 2013

February marks National Black History Month, a month dedicated to recognizing the achievements of African Americans in American history and celebrating African American culture. Black History Month began as Negro History Week in 1926, celebrated during the second week of February to commemorate the birthda...

CHS honors veterans

By Jordan Janis, Fact Checker

November 2, 2012

Veterans Day, a federal holiday created to honor American veterans, is recognized on Nov. 12 this year.  CHS is proud to recognize the staff members who have served in our country’s military.  CHS veterans include English teacher Haroot Hakopian, technology teacher David Hurless, information technol...

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