The Observer

Seniors say creatively: ‘Will you go to prom with me?’

By Maddy Jacobs-Fact Checker

June 5, 2009

For seniors, prom is the biggest event of the year, and they strive to make it the greatest night of their lives. On top of the struggles to find a tux, buy a dress and rent a limo, the biggest dilemma of all is getting a date. The Observer recently sat down with a few CHS students to hear their first-hand...

Religious necklaces, bracelets become fashion trends

By Sara Habibi-Circulation Manager

June 5, 2009

Whether it is the white and gray circle with a black dot in the middle, the hand print or the red bracelets, students see these symbols around everywhere, but many do not know that these bracelets embrace more than just a fad. The Evil Eye and Hamsa bracelets have recently become popular trends amo...

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