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The ‘Observer’ brings you this year’s sexiest men

People Magazine crowned actor Channing Tatum as the Sexiest Man Alive in their November issue, along with 185 runner-ups.  While Tatum may suffice for some readers several men that People chose, such as Mitt Romney and Robert Downey Jr., were unappealing to young people.

For high school girls everywhere who demand a list that takes high-school students’ opinions into account, here is the Observer’s revamped Sexiest Men Alive list.

The Observer’s Sexiest Man Alive: Ryan Reynolds, age 35

Ryan Reynolds easily won the title of the Observer’s Sexiest Man Alive with 13 votes from a pool of 65 random CHS students.  Votes were scattered between choices of 28 men, but Reynolds is still our favorite.  Reynolds has starred in great movies such as The Proposal and The Green Lantern.  Reynolds is our Sexiest Man Alive, toppling all other men because of his messy, brown, bedhead hair, his chocolate brown eyes and of course, his muscular physique.  But what more about Reynolds makes him simply irresistible?

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According to senior Sara Gallagher, it’s “his hair and face.”

The Observer’s Four Runner-Ups:

2. Ian Somerhalder, age 33

Hello, Damon!  Somerhalder stars as Damon Salvatore, a comical, sarcastic vampire feuding with his immortal brother, Stephen (Paul Wesley), for the affection of high school student Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) on the CW hit drama The Vampire Diaries.  Somerhalder was awarded nine votes to earn second place. Many of the survey-takers screamed or smiled widely just at the name.

But what is it that makes him one of the Observer’s sexiest men?  His messy hair, his mysterious smirk and the tone of his voice have women falling for him in a heartbeat, but some fell for him because of his role as a brooding vampire.

“His eyes are to die for,” sophomore Raiha Singh said.  “The show The Vampire Diaries makes me find him more attractive.”

3. Ryan Gosling, age 33

Ryan Gosling placed third with seven votes.  Gosling, remembered for his dreamy role in romance The Notebook, has since starred in other movies such as Drive and Crazy, Stupid, Love.  What is it, though, that makes women fall in love with Gosling?

According to senior Brianna Burke, she believes that his tenderness and physical appearance make women swoon.

“I love Ryan Gosling,” Burke said.  “He’s sexy and sensitive at the same time.”

4. Chris Hemsworth, age 29

Behind Gosling with six votes comes Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as the great and mighty Thor in Marvel’s The Avengers.  As if his beautiful blonde locks and those sparkling blue eyes did not sway us at first, his rocking body caused our survey-takers to name him one of the Sexiest Men Alive.

According to senior Katie Jenkins, she loves Hemsworth for more than just his amazing physique.

“Chris is dreamy,” Jenkins said.  “His Aussie accent is so hot.”

5. Taylor Lautner, age 20

In fifth place comes Taylor Lautner, who brought happiness to girls worldwide by being The Twilight Saga’s big, bad, sexy and constantly shirtless werewolf Jacob Black.  Lautner, one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors is sexy for many reasons—including his famous six-pack, his black, spiky hair and his russet skin.

Sophomore Stasia Mculsky loves Lautner for “his abs, his face… just his everything.”

People Magazine may love Tatum, but not everybody does.  For the first time in Observer history, we have released our own Sexiest Men Alive list.  Girls… please enjoy this revamped version of the Sexiest Man Alive, and feel free to compare ours to People’s list.

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The ‘Observer’ brings you this year’s sexiest men