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CRAVE will make your tastebuds go wild

Chef Joel Hassanali’s specialites include foods local to Maryland.

By Arielle Gordon, Arts Editor

May 26, 2015

CRAVE Bethesda: American Kitchen & Sushi Bar is the latest restaurant to be garnering attention from the CHS community. CRAVE is a full-service lunch and dinner restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes, from classic American comfort food to exotic sushi. It is the first location on the East...

Summer House brings West Coast to Bethesda

Summer House's assortment of dishes gives diners the opportunity to experience West Coast food.

By Madison Hurr, Features Editor

May 26, 2015

Walking into Summer House: Santa Monica, I was immediately transported to the West Coast. The food and decor earned five out of five stars, as the restaurant offered a wide variety of dishes and a cool, relaxed atmosphere. Summer House: Santa Monica opened in Pike & Rose in North Bethesda about...

‘Observer’ favorites: pretzel recipes with a twist

'Observer' favorites: pretzel recipes with a twist

By Katherine Michael and Jordan Janis

April 29, 2015

From the classic warm, soft cinnamon pretzels that melt in one’s mouth to the crunchy and salty pretzel snacks, pretzels have been a staple in the American diet for years. Pretzels have their origins in the 7th Century, when European monks rewarded children with folded strips of baked dough that...

New restaurant brings Chinese food back to Potomac

Chine Gourmet Bistro is the newest restaurant at the Cabin John Shopping Center.

By Arielle Gordon, Photo Editor

March 20, 2015

China Gourmet Bistro is the newest Chinese restaurant to try its hand at Asian cuisine in Cabin John Shopping Center. It is the third Chinese restaurant to occupy 7945 Tuckerman Lame in recent memory; a product of frequent restaurant turnover. Previously, China Jade Bistro was open for about two...

Chipotle comes to Village

By Madison Hurr, Arts Editor

May 30, 2014

Ask teenagers what their favorite chain restaurant is, and they’re bound to answer “Chipotle.” The perfect complement to the Starbucks Coffee next door, Chipotle Mexican Grill is replacing Chicken Out Rotisserie in Potomac Village this summer. It’s every food-lover’s dream come true. Founded...

Attman’s Deli proves to be worthwhile lunch option

By Julia Heimlich, News Editor

September 25, 2013

Attman’s Delicatessen, the new deli in Cabin John Shopping Center, gives seniors one more local option when choosing a restaurant to eat at during their lunch break. Attman’s, which has another location in Baltimore, offers a wide variety of fresh meals including deli meat sandwiches, bagels, tuna,...

Authentic Chinese food restaurant opens in Rockville

Authentic Chinese food restaurant opens in Rockville

By Alissa Li, Production Editor

May 23, 2013

Although it seems that there is at least one Chinese restaurant per corner on any given street, diners have yet to experience authentic Chinese street market food—until they go to the East Dumpling House, which opened in Rockville April 4. Upon entering the café, diners will feel as if they have been tra...

Doughnut shops offer fun pastry alternative

By Jane Zankman, Production Editor

April 25, 2013

We thought we had seen it all, from crazy cupcakes to delicious pies to cute cake pops, but a new D.C. shop has decided to come back to the classic doughnut, with a few twists. Zeke’s DC Donutz, which opened Feb. 21, is not your average doughnut shop. Its hip and eclectic graffiti art covering the...

Israeli chain Aroma promises quality food, coffee

Israeli chain Aroma promises quality food, coffee

By Manisha Singh, Online News Editor

April 25, 2013

Spring is approaching, but it might not be just the flower blossoms that brighten up everyone’s day.  CHS is obsessing over caffeine—whether in the form of a sweet iced coffee or a sudden jolt of an espresso. The Aroma Espresso Bar, which opened in Montgomery Mall in February, is an Israeli es...

Chop’t puts fresh spin on create-your-own salads

Chop’t puts fresh spin on create-your-own salads

By Sonia Shekar, Staff Writer

December 21, 2012

The holiday season is starting up, and it’s once again the time of the year to make those infamous resolutions to start eating healthy. Although this resolution is always a struggle, this year might be just a little bit easier —maybe even enjoyable. Chop’t Creative Salad Company has arrived i...

Potomac residents warm up to China Jade Bistro

Potomac residents warm up to China Jade Bistro

By Julia Greenzaid, Online Breaking News Editor

November 29, 2012

Unfortunately, nature dictates that human beings are uncomfortable with change. It seems that after the closing of Jade Billows in Cabin John Shopping Center, CHS students are reluctant to welcome China Jade Bistro in its location. However, one must embrace this Chinese and Thai restaurant’s new begi...

Chef Geoff’s offers wide variety of fine dining

Chef Geoff’s offers wide variety of fine dining

By Ilana Berger, Fact Checker

November 29, 2012

For anyone looking to show their buds some love—taste buds that is—Chef Geoff’s is the place to go. Chef Geoff’s became wildly popular with its first two locations in D.C., and after spreading business to Virginia and Chevy Chase, the up-and-coming restaurant opened its fifth location on Rockvi...

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