New Cookie Dough stand at Montgomery Mall gains popularity among CHS students

By Riley Hurr, Circulation Manager and Social Media Editor

This Aug., Montgomery Mall introduced their latest dessert store, Cookie Dough & Co. The popular edible cookie dough trend arrived all the way from New York City right down to the heart of the very popular hangout area for CHS students.

The edible cookie dough trend started last year when Cookie DŌ, a cookie dough store in New York City first opened. Stores such as Cookie DŌ and Cookie Dough & Co make it easy and accessible for people to satisfy their craving for raw cookie dough while eliminating the risk of salmonella.

According to The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, it is dangerous to eat raw dough due to the presence of raw eggs, which may cause risk with Salmonella. However, consumers should be aware that there are additional risks associated with the consumption of raw dough, such as particularly harmful strains of E. coli in a product like flour.

Treating the flour and either not adding eggs or pasteurizing the eggs before eating the dough is the safest way to eat raw cookie dough. Eating raw cookie dough straight out of the bowl can be unsafe, therefore edible cookie dough stores have found a market full of opportunities with their egg-free cookie dough.

The opening of Cookie Dough & Co is a prime example of this growing trend. Cookie Dough & Co offers a variety of different flavors, toppings and milk making the experience one hundred percent customizable.

Besides serving scoops of the dough in either a cup or cone, they also come with a shot of milk or coffee, and there are a variety of different milks and coffees. The flavors of cookie dough include Oreo, S’mores, Unicorn, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle and Funfetti.

“I tried the Funfetti cookie dough, it was really good and not too sweet which was good,” sophomore Valentina Guirre said. “Although, it makes you really thirsty because it is a little dry.”

While there is a very high concentration of sweetness in the desert, each of the flavors has a very unique taste and chunks of delicious toppings. The toppings range from gummy bears to Oreos.

“I thought it tasted really good, but it was a little too sweet,” sophomore Mica Magud said. “I would definitely go back to try new flavors though!”

This dessert will definitely appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

“I would go back because there are always new flavors and each flavor is so original!” Guirre said.